Pascal Dupuis’ Wife Carole-Lyne Dupuis
Brian Robison’s Wife Jayme Robison
Anthony Recker’s Wife Kelly Recker
Joe Thomas’ Wife Annie Thomas
Addison Reed’s Wife Cady Reed

Carlos Carrasco’s Wife Karelis Carrasco

Meet Karelis Carrasco, wife of MLB player Carlos Carrasco.

Carrasco’s lovely wife, Karelis, is a very supportive young lady who goes by the name of Karry to keep things informal. According to her husband, Karelis usually arrives late to games because she gets too anxious watching him. While she gets really nervous watching him play, Carrasco’s wife makes sure that that she is there in all of his games.


The couple currently lives in Clearwater, Florida with their lovely daughter Camila.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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