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J.J. Hardy’s Wife Adrienne Acton


Meet Adrienne Action, wife of MLB player J.J. Hardy.

According to a story done by the Arizona Daily Star late last year, Hardy and Acton are from the same hometown. The newly-minted Mrs. Hardy is three years younger than J.J. However, the two did not discover one another in the Copper State.


When Hardy was a member of the Brewers, his teammates were watching the Women’s College World Series. Other players on the team noticed where Acton was from and insisted that Hardy get in touch with her. After some convincing he talked to the Brewer’s public relations department. They contacted the University of Arizona and the rest is history.

J.J. and Adrienne got engaged in 2012 and married on December 7th, 2013 at a ceremony in Mexico.

Adrienne, a two time NCAA National champion, was a former collegiate softball player for the University of Arizona Wildcats from 2005-2008. She also played as a professional player for the U.S.A. All-Starts Softball group in 2010.

Adrienne majored in Criminal Law and Sociology back when she was in college.

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