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LeSean McCoy’s Girlfriend Sydney Alex


Meet Sydney Alex, girlfriend of NFL player LeSean McCoy.

When LeSean thought that 2013 NFL Regular Season is going to be a great year for him, there goes another girl drama with his ex-girlfriend Stefanie who also happens to be the mother of his son.


It all started with an innocent tweet from McCoy bragging about being on a vacation except that he had the word “vacation” misspelled. The post turned into a vicious war when Stefanie called the athlete out on his bad spelling, tagged his current girlfriend Sydney and tweeted about paying for their son’s tutoring classes. McCoy then replied with a tweet telling her ex-girlfriend to stop begging for money and to get a job instead. Later, a second Twitter feud broke out between Stefanie and Sydney. The bashing continued as Sydney reiterated McCoy’s sentiment that she should indeed stop begging for money.

The twitter outrage that ensued pushed McCoy to delete his Twitter account. He later realized that he is a representative of an NFL franchise and getting into a online feud won’t do him any good.


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