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Mat Latos’ Wife Dallas Latos


Meet Dallas Latos, wife of MLB star pitcher Mat Latos.

Dallas first met her husband Mat through her then-roommate and Mat’s friend, a minor league baseball player, who were dating.


In a 2012 interview with MLB’s Jonathan Hacohen, Dallas dished on how she first met Mat.

She said:

“Mat and I were introduced through mutual friends who were dating at the time. The two of them were my best friends from college, and one played in the minor leagues and became good friends with Mat there. My best friend, Lauren was constantly trying to play Cupid and get me to spend time with Mat while telling him that he needed to meet me because we’d be perfect together. I however, wanted nothing to do with a baseball player or an athlete, and wasn’t looking to be in a relationship in general so I dismissed the idea- Mat continued bugging Lauren to get me to talk to him. After about 2 years of me refusing to meet him, I found myself the third wheel on a date to see “Couples Retreat” with my two friends. Jokingly, I said, “Don’t you have any guy friends who could hang out with us so I don’t look like such a loser?!”, to which he responded, “I have ONE friend I’d even let you date and you won’t meet him so I don’t know what to tell you”. Me, “FINE… CALL HIM THEN”. So he did. Mat happened to be in Florida at the time but we started talking and text messaging constantly.  I guess you can say it was love after a few days of text messaging that I wouldn’t actually admit to for some time down the road because I was still trying to be a tough girl who didn’t want a “boyfriend”. The more curious part is Mat sticking around to put up with my hard-headed antics.  Realizing our relationship was turning into a relationship freaked me out so I took every chance I could to let him know that I wasn’t a push over and that I didn’t “need” him (meaning, I can take care of myself, your career and money mean nothing to me, your heart and your loyalty are all I want from you if we’re going to do this).

All of this happened in the offseason of 2009. He asked me to go to Spring Training and live with him in 2010 at which point, I agreed by maintaining the fact that I’m just a cab ride and a flight away from home. I figured this would be the make it or break it of our relationship and we made it. We were engaged on July 3rd, 2010, made these terribly cliché plans to get married on 11-11-11, and ended up getting married on  10-12-10 at the County recorder’s office in my home town.

We intended to keep it a secret from everyone and still have a “wedding”. Mat made a HUGE mistake on a radio interview  when asked, “What did you do this offseason?”, “Did some fishing, relaxed, got married”. GOT MARRIED?! Panicked that our family would find out from the press, we decided we had to confess. While everyone was happy FOR us, not everyone was happy WITH us.  We resolved to have a vow renewal ceremony with our family and close friends which I should note has yet to happen. The fact that I’m not one of those girls who knew what her wedding dress was going to look like when she was 3 really doesn’t help. We also didn’t feel like we needed everyone to witness us having a wedding ceremony to know our commitment is real.  We weren’t even really planning on getting married that day, we just woke up and did it.”


Dallas Latos attended Saint Mary’s college of California and got her B.S. in Business and Economics in 4 years.

The couple own a cat, named Cat Latos (1st photo above).

As you can see from the photo below, Mat’s wife Dallas is expecting.

Photo Credit: Dallas Latos

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