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Anthony Recker’s Wife Kelly Recker
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Renzo Gracie’s Wife Cristina Gracie


Meet Cristina Gracie, wife of MMA fighter Renzo Gracie.

Cristina and Renzo met when they were both nine years old. She came to visit Renzo’s cousin who was staying at his house and that was when their love story began. They got married at the age of 23 and moved to New Jersey in 1996. The couple is proud parents of three lovely children together: Catarina, Cora and Ruran.


Renzo, who started training martial arts at the age of 5, showed no hesitation in continuing the family tradition. He started teaching martial arts at 17 and opened his own school when he was 21. When he turned 28, Renzo then opened the first Gracie School on the East Coast, in Manhattan.


Photo Credit: Renzo Gracie

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