Are Melinda And Layton Still Together: Read Here!

Fans often wonder if Melinda and Layton are still together from Married at First Sight. Melinda and Layton participated in the seventh season Australian edition of Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 Wiki

Married at First Sight, an Australian reality TV series, is based on the Danish series Gift Ved forste Blik. A group of strangers are paired together in a social experiment by experts. Because the marriages shown on the show don’t have legal binding effect under the Marriage Act, the couples participate in an informal ceremony of commitment. The series premiered on Nine Network May 2015, and has been aired ten seasons. A two-part reunion special was also aired before the eighth season in 2021. The show features couples who meet at the altar for the first time, then go on a honeymoon and live together for a while before making a decision at a weekly ceremony about whether they want to continue or break up. Experts encourage contestants take part in the entire experiment which focuses on building friendships and companionship.

Is Melinda and Layton still together after being married at first sight?

Married At First Sight Australia 2023’s power couple, Layton and Melinda have shifted their focus to their careers, not their love. Their pride is the greatest challenge to their relationship, despite them being a perfect match on paper because of their love of luxury and hard work. Melinda was suspicious and distrustful towards Layton when they first met. This made their first meeting difficult. Melinda was very attractive to Layton and they became smitten. Melinda was unable to find a physical attraction to Layton, but she decided to keep their relationship going. They faced many challenges during intimacy week. However, Layton rose to the occasion and organized a private dance class. Despite some disagreements between the headstrong couple they have continued to stick together despite all. Harrison, a fellow groom, called their relationship “fake and toxic” but Layton quickly dismissed the claims and publicly blamed Harrison.

Melinda and Layton, where are they now?


Melinda, Fashion & Beauty’s CEO, is a confident, sassy Queensland businesswoman who can intimidate people by her intelligence and looks. Although she is able to attract men, she struggles to find the right men. When she is feeling insecure or bored, she can get emotional and start fighting in a relationship. This leads to constant conflict. Melinda is looking for an ambitious man who will understand her life, be open-minded, not clingy, and be equally business-minded.


Layton, a CEO at Biotech New South Wales, has launched several successful businesses including one in medicinal cannabis for pets. Layton is driven and motivated in his business ventures, but he struggles to prioritize love and makes work a priority, which can lead to failed relationships. He is 35 years old and the only person in his circle of friends. He’s looking for someone who shares his drive, determination, work ethic and desire to build his empire. Layton is close with his parents and wants them to take care of him as he gets older.

Timeline of the relationship between Melinda Layton and Layton

Both Melinda and Layton have been extremely ambitious in their lives but struggle to find the right partner. Married At First Sight was a program they decided to participate in to improve their work/life balance. Layton confesses to being borderline perfectionist while Melinda says she is a nine-and-a-half on bad days. Both were looking for someone who would fit in their busy lives, and the experts connected them. Melinda was not sure that Layton was the right man to marry her on their wedding day. This article will cover their romance in Season 10, from their first date down the aisle to their current relationship. Melinda had been busy preparing for her wedding by having botox to reduce her sweating and undergoing numerous beauty treatments to ensure her businesses would continue to operate in her absence.

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