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Best VR Cooking Games

Are you looking to find games that let you use your VR headset, while also allowing you to show off your cooking skills? There are many VR cooking game options available in simulator and arcade formats.

There are a growing number of virtual reality headsets that are supported by a variety of games. The majority of them are simulations or racing or other physical activities such as dance. Other players prefer lighter, more routine activities.

There are many VR games that are trying to bring new mechanics into different genres. One of those is the idea to create and eat at restaurants. You’ll enjoy the multiplayer aspect of them, which will make it even more enjoyable. There are many fun cooking games for adults and kids. Let’s see what they have to offer.

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Clash of ChefsVR

Flat Hill Games created Clash of Chefs. It is the number one VR culinary game. This virtual reality simulation lets you play as a Mexican, American or Japanese chef and ensures that your diners are well-fed.

To move up to the next level you will need to meet your customers’ demands in single-player mode. Each restaurant specializes in a different type of cuisine and has over 80 levels. The recipes can be prepared using any of these popular dishes.

Its most exciting feature is its online multiplayer component. In this virtual cooking game, you will be competing with other chefs to make sure your customers are served as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plus, you can throw your dishes at your rivals if you lose. If you’re in a losing streak, your rival can throw the dishes at you. That’s right! This is great because the game could quickly turn into a food fight.

Horror Bar

Your skills will take your to a restaurant with 30 levels. Each one is harder than the next. Play Spirit Limited has brought this VR cooking game to you. To get through each level, you will need to improve and perfect your techniques to become a great chef. You can have fun even with the worst hardware. It offers hours of single-player excitement and a lot of fun in the multiplayer mode.


The virtual reality game Yogscast LTD features you as a robotic bartender. Similar to Startenders where you were able to serve cool cocktails to different alien cultures, this VR cooking game puts you behind a counter. Your spacecraft, which will allow you to explore the cosmos, meet other races, and learn about their drink preferences, can be customized.

Cocktail making is fun. There are many tools you need to master. Each drink has a unique look and sound effect that helps you stay focused, and provides a way to conquer all the challenges presented by this game.

Planet Pizza

Is your stomach grumbling already? Refresh Studios created Planet Pizza, an easy-to-learn single-player game that explores the space and sci-fi themes. As in previous games, you will serve your customers in the game by bringing them pizza and drinks. Planet Pizza brings the challenge of delivering pizza in a given time frame to VR culinary games. This gives you a unique perspective on the category. It is clear that you will lose and that your clients will get impatient if it takes longer than necessary. It’s exciting that you can play the game free of charge.

Lost Recipes

You will be a ghost chef in this bizarre game. Lost Recipes is a cooking adventure that takes place in the past. The main objective of this virtual reality cooking adventure is to serve food from various times and locations to your ghost clients. Cuisines from China’s Song Dynasty, Greece’s Classical Period and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula’s Mayan cuisine.

These many cuisines can be combined as a ghost cook, which opens up a world of new possibilities for creating new meals and dishes. This style of kitchen has been around a while. This is a wonderful concept. It is attractive and it is enjoyable.


GameBoom VR is a cooking simulator that allows you to be the best chef. The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary utensils. This game allows you to unlock and master over 80 recipes using only a dozen ingredients. They will allow you to create a variety of delicious meals.

Each aspect of the game was designed to simulate a virtual reality environment. We also tried to take into account any potentially dangerous situations you might encounter in a real kitchen. If you are a fan of video games with more realistic mechanics, you will love this game.

We love these great games at the restaurant.

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