Clive Lizard Williams Death Video: Get Biography Here!

Clive Lizard Williams Death Video will cover the case.

Clive Williams

Clive Lizard Williams,. Sources say that Vybz-Kartel, a Jamaican singer, was sentenced in April to life imprisonment after he murdered his former collaborator, Clive Williams. While he appealed the conviction, his chances for success are slim due to the virality of an online murder video.

Vybz, along with his co-defendants, were the primary witnesses in the case at the time of his 2011 arrest. Reddit users have shared the disturbing and troubling video.

Video Leaked Online?

Clive Lizard Williams, This video was purportedly shot at Vybz’s residence on the day that Vybz was murdered. It is unclear what information it contains as it was recorded in complete darkness and with only a very brief flash of lighting. In the video, you can hear voices and see tattoos. The clearly visible axe, which is believed be the murder weapon, is evident.

Some individuals who saw the TikTok video have said that the man shown in it was brutal and seemed to be dismembering someone’s body. Clive Williams’ body was not found.

What Happened In The Past?

Clive Lizard Williams, Death Video. Previously in 2011, Vybz Kartel was charged with possession of narcotics. The charges were later dropped but the investigation resulted in the discovery and confiscation of guns. A second charge against him was that he was involved with the deaths of two Portmore residents, but the evidence was insufficient.

Nevertheless, Kartel along with three other men were found guilty for the murders of Clive Lizard’ Williams. The trial lasted 65-days and the text message from Kartel was a key piece of evidence. Urban Islandz was given multiple videos, including footage of Kartel’s Havendale House, where the murder took place, by an unidentified source. Several of these videos were apparently shown in court during high-profile murder trials. You can see multiple men in the video, including one man holding a pickaxe while another is wearing a bloodstain. Another viral Instagram video shows an unidentified man who appears to be Clive Lizard Williams. Telegram has leaked footage that is related to this case. It caused quite a stir online.

The Final Verdict

Clive Lizard Williams, Death Video. Clive Lizard William was murdered by a popular dancehall musician. A video of the incident that has since gone viral has been posted on YouTube. Vybz’s YouTube video can be viewed

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