Dave Myers Health Update: What Kind Of Cancer He Suffering From?

David James Myers, a well-known English TV presenter, is best known for his role as one-half in the Hairy Bikers. If you are interested in Dave Myers’s health update, scroll down to read this article.

Who is Dave Myers, you ask?

David James Myers is an English TV presenter and is well-known as Si King’s Hairy Bikers partner. Myers and King also participated in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing celebrity talent program. They have also presented many cooking series for the same network. They also created their own product, The Hairy Bikers Diet Club. Myers’ work with the Hairy Bikers is not the only thing that has made him a popular performer. He also appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. His warm personality and love of food have made him a well-liked and popular figure among TV viewers. Myers was born in Barrow-in-Furness in the northwest part of England. Myers was raised in a working class family by his father, a foreman at a paper mill.

Dave Myers’ health update

Dave Myers, one the Hairy Bikers has shared his experiences with chemotherapy following being diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year. The 65-year old chef spoke out on the How To Be 60 podcast to reveal that chemotherapy had made it difficult for him to walk again after multiple rounds. Myers said that the treatment caused neuropathy in his feet which made it difficult for him to stand. However, he does not have any current cancer symptoms. He also talked about the psychological difficulties he had during treatment. Despite all these difficulties, Myers is optimistic and intends to return to filming The Hairy Bikers in spring. Although he admits that he has his good and bad days, and needs to take time off from filming, he is optimistic about his recovery. Myers shared his first news about his diagnosis of cancer on his podcast with Si King, his cooking partner.

What kind of cancer is Dave Myers suffering from?

Dave Myers (half of the Hairy Bikers) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 64. This led to a halt in filming. He recently said that the new series, which he had filmed before his diagnosis, was a joyous experience. He also gave an update on his treatment for cancer, which he has received since April. Myers revealed that his fight with cancer had unintentionally made his hair lustrous. Myers, despite not giving any details about his condition, shared that he had completed 14 chemotherapy treatments and had six more to go. Although he chose not to reveal the type of cancer, Myers made his first public appearance after announcing his diagnosis. He expressed his joy at his progress.

Is Dave Myers still married?

Dave Myers, cofounder of The Hairy Bikers Diet Club, and a well-known English presenter is married to Liliana. Orzac, a successful fashion designer and owner of a fashion company in England, is not only married to Myers. Myers and Si King, his co-star in the Hairy Bikers Diet Club, created it as an online community for weight loss. This program is for foodies who love good food and want to lose weight. Their success in their respective fields has been due to the couple’s diverse career paths.

What kind of cancer has Dave Myers got?

Dave Myers, the Hairy Bikers’ half, has kept his cancer diagnosis very private. He has not disclosed the type of cancer. In May 2021, he announced his diagnosis. Since then, he has provided updates on his health but not disclosed any more details. In November 2021, Myers mentioned that he had already completed 14 rounds and had six more. Myers also said that he had neuropathy in his feet due to chemotherapy. Dave Myers has not yet disclosed what type of cancer he has. He chose to keep his details private.

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