David Crosby Cause Of Death Video: Read Full Details?

David Crosby Cause Of Death Video

David Crosby Cause of Death Video: This video explains David’s cause of death as well as his popularity

Did you ever hear David Crosby sing? What happened to him? Many people from different countries, such as the United States, Canada or Australia, offered their condolences to him upon hearing about his passing. See the David Crosby Cause of Death Video.

Who is David Crosby

David Crosby was a legend among rock musicians who belonged to two rock & roller hall of fame bands of the 1960s & 1970s. He died at the tender age of 81. Crosby, Stills & Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, were the pioneers of smooth Woodstock music.

Jan Dance, Crosby’s spouse, announced his passing via Telegram. Crosby’s musical talents were distinguished by his complex vocal harmonies, unusual open tunings on guitars, and sharp lyrics. His collaborations with the CSN/CSNY/Byrds and Byrds brought together folk and rock in innovative ways. This resulted in their music being a part of the soundtrack to the hippie era.

David had an incredible talent and was a great songwriter and singer. Brian Wilson, the main vocalist of the band, called him a wonderful person.

Sources claim that the rock star was a victim of addiction and spent five years in prison for drug- and weapon-related offenses. He was released from prison in 1986, and he said that his experiences in jail helped him become sober.

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He received a liver donation in 1994. He has undergone numerous heart procedures and has been openly diagnosed with diabetes. Crosby said to NME that music keeps him “alive” in 2021.

He said that music and my family are the two main centers of my existence. It is a remarkable feat that I am still able create music at my old age. Jan Dance, his wife, was his first marriage. Django, their son, was born to them.

She posted on Instagram that Crosby had passed away and she was in mourning. The gift of family was a gift that he gave to him.

He said to the Guardian in 2021 that he was held in a cell for six months and then got off toxic substances. “You stop killing yourself, take care of yourself again, you’re a decent man, and you start making music again. Youtube has many of his hits. Crosby’s health has been a growing concern in recent years.


  • Name: David Van Cortlandt Crosby
  • DOB: August 14, 1942
  • DOD: January 18, 20,23 (aged 81)
  • Occupation : Singer, musician, songwriter
  • Instrument: Vocals guitar
  • Spouse: Jan Dance (m. 1987)


Surfers reported that David Crosby was dead on January 18, but the cause is unknown. But, he has had previous surgeries, which could have led to his death. Learn more about Davidonline

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