E 5 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat: kill your belly fat

E 5 Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Do you want to lose stubborn belly fat? You are in the right place, friend. This article will explain how to effectively lose belly fat through these exercises.

Let’s start, without further delay.

Elliptical Trainers

You don’t have to go out but still want to lose belly fat. You can do both with elliptical trainers. Search online for gym equipment to find an elliptical machine that is closer to your bed. The handles of elliptical trainers can be used to move with your whole body.

This increases the work of your chest, arms, thighs and core, which ultimately leads to a greater burn of calories. If your machine permits, some elliptical trainers let you paddle in reverse. This will allow you to strengthen your core and overall body.

Mountain climbers

This exercise will make your belly feel full. Mountain climbers target the core and all muscles of the bodywork, so you’ll not only burn belly fat but will also strengthen your entire body.

Start by getting into a high plank (face down, place your weight on your palms and your toes; both should be at shoulder distance. Keep your neck straight and your back straight).

Engage your core and move one leg towards the other. Keep your breathing steady and bring the other leg back to its original position. This is a quick exercise that should be completed quickly.

You can repeat the set between 10-12 times, then take a break. Boss, you should already feel the heat!


Burpees are a quick exercise that can help you lose belly fat faster than other exercises. It combines push-ups with jumping, which both have been known to strengthen the core.

This exercise doesn’t require any equipment. Even if you don’t feel like lifting weights on certain days, you can still get on your mat and do this 3 times, then call it a day.

Start by getting back in the high plank position.

Do a push-up and then do a frog kick when you get back.

Jump as soon your feet touch the ground.

You can return to your original position after the jump and do it again.

Remember to keep your core engaged and your back straight.

It is important not to extend your shoulders too far, as this can cause sore muscles later.

After each set, keep hydrated.


I understand how exhausted you feel after high-intensity training. Let’s switch to slower, but still very effective workouts. Let me tell you about planks. Planks may look easy, but they are not, especially for beginners.

It stimulates your core and hits stubborn fats that don’t melt easily. There are many types of planks, but I will be focusing on the OG.

Facedown, and place your body weight on your palms.

Lower your shoulders so your elbow touches the ground. Make sure you have your hands at an appropriate distance from your back and keep your back straight. You should not let your hips drop. Now, hold the pose and breathe.

To start, three sets of 30 seconds each are sufficient for beginners. You can increase the time limit and/or the number of sets as you progress. By now, you should feel your muscles after the workout.


Yoga is good for your whole body, as we all know. 70% of adults in America believe that yoga is good for the whole body. Today, however, I will be focusing on belly fat. Yoga is a great alternative to high-intensity exercise for some people.

These are some of the best asanas I recommend.

  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Dhanurasana (bow pose).
  • Khumbhkasana, the plank
  • Naukasana (boat pose)
  • Utrrasana (camel pose)
  • Kapal bhati

These asanas are great for both beginners and advanced. You will see results quickly if you practice it regularly and eat healthy.

Let’s get started…

You must remember that good results take time and effort. Don’t get too obsessed about a flat stomach when you look in the mirror. Instead, focus on your exercise and eating healthy. You will soon see the results.

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