Eversocute REVIEW

You’re probably trying to figure out whether you should purchase an product at Eversocute to purchase it or not isn’t it? If yes then you’ve found the right place because we’ve attempted to expose the truth of this site to the greatest extent we can in the following review section. The only thing you have to do is to look through the Eversocute review to determine if it is it an Eversocute .com fraud or a legitimate business.

Eversocute is classified as an unsuitable site for these reasons

Contact Information

The name of its parent company, which is given with the name “LANDBASE TRADING CO. LTD” is employed by a variety of fraudulent and shady websites. You can locate the websites with this parent company when you search LANDBASE TRADING CO. LTD on our website. While it has listed its parent company’s name as LANDBASE TRRADING CO. LTD, it is possible that it will change its parent company’s name and address later on as a number of similar types of websites are reported to be doing this.

Social Media Presence

Social media icon connected to its corporate social media profile isn’t accessible. However, legitimate online stores typically offer social media icons that link on their own social media groups pages, profiles or pages. Therefore, they may not have a presence on social media.

Copy-protected content

The theme of the site and a host of other information on its website are in line with several problematic websites.

Discounts and sales offers

It has listed a wide range of items (such such as Invisible Strapless Super Push Up Bra Lace Tummy Control Bodysuit the Tummy And The Hip Lift Pants etc.) that are on sale and offer huge discounts claims. Most scam websites are known to offer discount coupons to lure customers to their fraud.

Customer Complaints and Delivery

There are many similar online stores that have complaints regarding their product’s quality, delivery speed as well as their customer service.


In light of the preceding reasons from the above stated reasons, we can conclude that Eversocute is a shady online store.

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Note: These types of websites are found to change their site name and the content on their site periodically. This review is based upon the information available on its website at that date. If you come across any other information other than the ones we’ve given in this review the site has changed their information. This, however, makes this a suspect site.


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