Florida Nursing Scam: Read About The Scam Here!

This article contains all the sensational and vital news regarding the Florida Nursing Scam, as well as other facts.

Are you a victim of scams? Are you familiar with fake nursing degrees? After hearing the questions, you feel shocked. Think about the nursing scams perpetrated by students in Canada and the United States.

Around twenty-five people gave fake nursing degrees in Florida to thousands of students. This Florida Nursing Scam News is currently trending on the news channels.

What was the real purpose of this scam?

Twenty-five people were charged by the federal authorities of the Southern District of Florida for creating fake nursing degrees. They provided a shortcut for nursing students to obtain their licenses and find employment.

A news conference was held by the South Florida federal grand jury. It revealed that approximately 7,600 fake nursing degrees were sold by these people. Three Florida nursing schools were named in this Florida Nursing Scandal.

What school names were used in this fraud?

  1. Broward College, Siena College
  2. Palm Beach School of Nursing, Palm Beach
  3. Broward County: Sacred Heart International Institute

What jobs can students get with a Florida Nursing Scam degree?

  • Students can also work with Ohio and Georgia Medicaid patients.
  • They are able to work with children in New York and Massachusetts.
  • Students can live in assisted living facilities in New Jersey.
  • They are able to take care of seniors in New York and Texas.
  • They are also eligible to work in New York and Maryland as veterans.

What happened to the Florida Nursing Scandal suspects?

Each defendant will spend up to 20 years in prison. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Markenzy Lapointe stated in a statement, that these frauds pose a threat to the public safety and the reputation of nurses who have obtained the license legally.

What was the amount of money that the Florida Nursing Scam scam victim made?

Twenty-five individuals were accused of selling fake nursing degrees between 2016-2021. These fake nursing degrees were purchased by students for more than $114 million. Federal officials mentioned that 2,400 of those 7,600 students passed New York’s licensing exam.

What did the Florida Nursing Scandal look like to ordinary people?

Normal people are shocked to hear about this scam. Others were not surprised, as they believe it is now commonplace. Many people are saying that selling fake nursing diplomas is insane. For the most recent updates, you can visit our “Social Media Links” section.


Chad Yarbrough was the Acting Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Miami. He stated in a statement, that healthcare frauds are not a new phenomenon in South Florida. This is how scammers make a lot of money.

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