George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit: Read Here!

George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit

You can find complete and unpublished details about George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit.

Did you know that news about George Santos, the former congressman of the United States, has been flooding the internet since yesterday? Details were published in newspapers. hosts more than 246 posts including 148 videos that discuss George. More than 110 posts include 289 videos that are on news and knowledge-based websites.

With thousands of comments, the posts are being up-voted. Let’s take a look at George Santos Drag Queen Video Reddit.

A little bit of everything about George Santos:

George’s work in Brazil as a drag queen is shocking news. George is now a knock-out congressman. Protesters began to demand his resignation.

Eula Rochhard, a well-known drag queen from Brazil, saw George’s TV debut in Rio de Janeiro. Youtube had more than 298 videos about George as a drag-queen. Rochard recalled George’s work as a drag-queen in the mid 2000s. She also remembered that his name was KitaraRavache.

Telegram is an anonymous messaging platform, and George’s posts are not distributed. Telegram groups can only be joined via private invite links. There were several posts on various social media platforms offering viewers the opportunity to join their Telegram group. George disappeared for a while and returned with a lot of money in 2008.

There were more than 221 videos, and 317+ Twitter posts discussing George as a drag-show queen. George was misinformed about his Baruch College education and NYU degree, as well as his employment history including his role at Citigroup and Chase.

George is a Republican politician hailing from New York. He is also facing trial for misinforming about his credentials. Additionally, George was misinforming his credentials. There were more than 313 posts and 300+ videos about George as a drag-queen.

George’s videos and photos went viral after the 2005 Pride Parade at Niteroi in Rio, and the 2008 Pride Parade at Icarai Beach, Niteroi. There were over 300 posts about George, including four videos on Facebook.


George denied that he was ever a drag queen. George claimed that he never worked as a drag-queen in his tweet reply. But, viewers can see the difference in his photos and videos.

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