Gladys Ricart Video Original: Read About The Video?

Gladys Ricart Video Original provides details about the murder incident and all related issues.

A terrible incident happened on 26 September 1999 when Gladys Ricart was distributing the flowers to the bride’s maid in accordance with the rituals. James Preston will be her husband, whom she has been in a long-term relationship.

What is the horrifying incident? This news is trending after a timelapse. This case is being discussed by people in Canada and the United States. To learn all details, read this Gladys Ricart video original post.

What was the story in Gladys Ricart’s video?

Some cases are ingrained in our hearts and minds forever. Gladys Ricart’s case is one such example. Gladys Ricart, who was 26 September 1999, was shot three more times before she died. Tiktok has been discussing this topic in order to recall that terrible day.

Gladys was performing the ceremony of flower distribution for the bridesmaids in her living room when a man ran up to her and shot Gladys three more times. She then fell to the ground and died. According to news sources, Gladys was shot three times by her ex-boyfriend Augustin Garcia. According to reports, he was taken into custody shortly after he fired the gun. She was already dead when people called 911 and the ambulance.

Reddit leaks her death: What is her cause?

People have been searching for information and clues since her death to find out more about the murder. According to news sources, Gladys and Augustin broke up just a few months ago in their marriage. Augustin also had other affairs.

Augustin was sentenced to what?

Augustin was arrested because there was a lot of evidence. He was asked to appear before the court. He was soon released via Twitter and the news spread quickly. After much discussion and thorough reading of the case, the jury decided to sentence him to a life sentence, with a parole date set for 2029. The court initially stated that he had become a bit insane during the wedding period. He was given a parole date until 2002. However, soon after discussion, he received a first-degree murder case and was sentenced to a life imprisonment.

To learn more about the incident, you can visit the Reddit link at the header.

Viral on Instagram by Gladys Ricart

  • Gladys Ricart Full Name
  • Nickname Gladys
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 20 July 1960
  • New Jersey Birth Place
  • Age 39
  • Unknown profession
  • Theology: Christian
  • Race White
  • Height: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Cause Of Death Gun Shot
  • Fiance James Preston


Augustin shot Gladys to death on Gladys’ wedding day. She was hit three times with a 38-calibre revolver until she died. Click the link to learn more about this incident.

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