How to Repost and Undo Repost a Video on Tiktok: Check All Steps Here

How do you repost and undo repost video on Tiktok. This article will provide all the details about reposting a Tiktok video. Users are constantly uploading videos to the platform. Scroll down for the steps on how you can repost and undo repost video on Tiktok.

How to Undo and Repost a Tiktok Video?

TikTok is one of the most popular social networking platforms. Users can share their creativity with the rest of the world through the platform. Users were previously faced with problems when they wanted others to repost their content. Users had to download the video, then upload it again. This was time-consuming and could lead to copyright issues.

TikTok now offers a new feature which allows users to repost videos, without violating any copyright. The new repost feature allows users to share content from other users on TikTok, and credit the creator. This feature works in the same way as Twitter’s “Retweet”, and is intended to improve TikTok’s user experience.

Users can now share their favourite videos to their followers using the new TikTok “Repost” button. The video will be displayed in the friend’s “For You”, but not on the user’s profile. This feature allows users to easily share their favorite videos with friends and ensures the creator is credited for their work.

This new feature makes it easier to share content and encourages creators. Their work will be shared with an even wider audience. This will eventually lead to a vibrant and diverse TikTok group.

How do you post on TikTok

Step 1

Open the TikTok App and Locate the Video to Repost. First, open the TikTok application on your phone. Next, search for the video you wish to repost. You can search for it by using the search bar, or scroll through your “For You”, “Following” and “Following” feeds until it is found.

Step 2

Tap the Share button Once you’ve found the video that you wish to repost, click the “Share” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

Step 3

Click the Send to Popup and select “Repost”. After you have tapped the Share button, a popup will appear with options to share the video to others or to send it to different social media platforms. You will see a new option called “Repost” next to your contacts. To proceed, tap on this option.

Step 4

Add a caption and click “Repost”. The video will be reposted to your TikTok account and you’ll see a pop-up with the reposted information. By entering the text box, you can add a caption message for the reposted video. After you are done, click the “Post” button.

How To Undo Repost On Tiktok?

To undo a repost on TikTok, tap the share button once more. This button is what you clicked when you first reposted the video. This button is usually located to the right of the video, just below the comments section. A menu will open after you tap the share button once more. You will see a menu after you tap the share button. Here, you can choose to “Remove Repost”. You will usually find this option near the top of your menu. A pop-up window will open once you click this option. To delete a TikTok repost, click the “Remove” button in the popup. This will remove the repost from your TikTok profile. This action can’t be undone. Before you tap the “Remove” button, make sure that you are certain you want to delete this repost.


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FAQs: How to Repost and Undo a Tiktok Video

1. Who founded TikTok and why?

TikTok’s founder is Zhang Yiming.

2. What was Tiktok’s release date?

TikTok was launched in September 2016.

3. What languages is this app available in?

This app supports 40 languages.

4. What’s the genre of this app

This app category is jokes and stunts.

5. How big is this app in MB?

The iOS version is 442.5 MB and the Android version is 88.0 MB.

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