How To Use Bing Chatgpt: How to Access Bing with Chatgpt

How to Use Bing Chatgpt Bing has been turbocharged by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. This transforms Microsoft’s search engine into something that can carry on a conversation. More people are interested in learning about how to use Bing Chatgpt. This article will provide information on How to Use Bing Chatgpt.

Bing Chatgpt

Bing has added OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology to turbocharge its search engine. This will make it capable of engaging in conversation. This news was announced at the Microsoft ChatGPT event of February 2023, where company executives demonstrated that OpenAI’s next-level chatbot technology is being integrated into Bing and Microsoft’s web browser Edge. Microsoft has invested billions in OpenAI to challenge Google’s search dominance. It plans to launch its own Google Bard AI botbot. ChatGPT Plus is a paid version. This means that the AI chatbot race has begun to heat up.

How to Use Bing Chatgpt

You’ll notice a difference in your search results when you use Bing with ChatGPT. Instead of a list of links, you will see a casual tone to your searches. Bing will allow you to see how it answers your questions. You can also help refine your search by telling Bing your opinions about its results.

This is how you can use Bing Chatgpt.

1. ChatGPT can be used with Bing. To do this, open your browser to Example: “I’m going to Dublin in September.” What should I do?

2. You should access the latest Bing with ChatGPT to visit a chat window with your query as the opening line. To switch to Chat mode, select Chat from the top of your screen.

After you have done that, you can see Bing’s answer to your question and be able to view it live. To stop it from answering your questions, hit the “Stop answering” button. You’ll find footnoted information about where the bot pulls data from. Below it’s finished writing, you’ll see sample answers.

3. This is where the big shift takes place. Instead of clicking on a link and then resuming your research, you can chat with Bing to learn more or refresh your search.

Microsoft wants you to keep using Bing so it suggests a few follow-up questions for every search. I will not use any of the suggested follow-ups from Bing for this guide. Instead, I want to see live shows while traveling so I ask Bing, “What bands will be playing in Dublin in September?”

Bing replaced a footnoted listing of Dublin bands in September, with connections to the places it found the information and suggestions for next questions. Move your mouse across the response to see thumbs up and thumbs down icons. Click these icons to determine if Microsoft was a good or bad answer. You can click the Feedback button at the bottom-right corner to add more comments.

How to Access Bing with Chatgpt

Microsoft will initially offer ChatGPT access to a very limited number of people, but it will open up as bugs are fixed.

Although you can access Bing using any browser, the only way to access Bing with ChatGPT at the time this article was published is through Microsoft’s Edge browser. Here is how to sign up.

1. Microsoft Edge can be opened by tapping the Start button, then typing “Edge”, then hitting Enter. This will take you to

2. Select Join the Waitlist

3. If asked, enter the email address and password that are linked to your Microsoft account.

That’s all! Now all you have to do is wait. Microsoft recommends the following to increase your chances of getting access to Bing using ChatGPT:

  1. Fixed Microsoft Edge as your default browser
  2. Get the Microsoft Edge app at the Microsoft Store

How Long Does The Bing Chatgpt Warehouse Waitlist Take?

Rollouts can be impossible to predict and Microsoft doesn’t even make any guesses. Microsoft says that new invites are sent out each day. Only a small portion of the preview is available on desktop browsers right now. Access will expand over time and you’ll eventually be able to access the latest Bing from your smartphone. You can access the latest Bing quicker by clicking the big blue button Access. You will be able to take some steps to get ahead. Microsoft shows that more than one million people have registered for the ChatGPT-Bing waitlist within the first 48 hours. You will need to set Microsoft Edge as your default browser, and Bing as your default search engine. MSN must be selected as your homepage. There are many other small but annoying tasks that will keep Microsoft apps and support front and center on your desktop.

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