Is Alexa From Love Is Blind Pregnant: Who is Alexa?

Alexa from Love Is Blind Pregnant Alexa, an American TV personality, is currently living in the United States. She will be appearing in Love Is Blind Pregnant. This article will tell you if Alexa is pregnant with Love Is Blind, and other details.

Who is Alexa?

Alexa Alfia, an American TV personality who lives in the United States and owns an insurance agency, is an aspirant. After appearing on Season 3 on the Netflix dating reality series “Love is Blind,” she rose to fame in 2022. Alexa Alfia was born in Dallas, Texas, on September 28, 1995. She is currently 27 years of age.

Alexa Bio

Full NameAlexa Alfia
ProfessionOwner and insurance agent
Date of birth28 September 1996
BoyfriendBrennon Lemieux
Height5′ 5″ (165 cm).

Alexa from Love Is Blind Pregnant

Alexa says, “Coming in 2023!” when she opens the gift. It is not clear if Alexa and her partner are expecting a baby, or if they just want to start a family soon. There has not been an official announcement made on their social media accounts. Alexa stated her desire to have five children during her appearance on the program.

Is Alexa Pregnant?

The episode “After the Altar” from season 3 is full of interesting developments from the Netflix reality series. This episode features the season 3 contestants, a few months after the original show aired. The couple Alexa Lemieux and Brennon Lemieux are among the most strong to emerge from the series. The couple are shown enjoying a family dinner during “After the Altar” where Alexa states that being married is wonderful and that it is better to have your best friend around. There are hints that Alexa might be pregnant with Brennon. The final scene shows Brennon giving Alexa a birthday present. It’s a baby onesie with the words “Baby Lemieux” on it. When she opens it, Alexa states “Coming in 2023.” It’s obvious that the couple are eager to start their own family, even though nothing has been confirmed. Alexa even stated on the show that she would like 5 children, so this could be their first “Love is Blind baby!” We all can only hope that the adorable couple will soon welcome a child to their family.

Is Alexa Pregnant Now?

The third season of Love is Blind has ended. However, fans can follow Alexa and Brennon on social media as they embark upon new adventures, including parenthood. As of right now, however, Alexa is not pregnant. After the “After the Altar” special, no announcement was made about Alexa’s pregnancy. It is not appropriate to speculate on someone’s pregnancy. Alexa and Brennon did not make any statements suggesting otherwise. Alexa is not currently pregnant, as far as we know.

Is Alexa and Brennon still together in Love Is Blind Season 3?

Alexa and Brennon have been happily married for over a year. Brennon attributes their success to their ability to discuss difficult issues openly and honestly during their time on Love is Blind. Brennon jokes that Netflix will give them a “Love is Blind-themed” baby gift. Alexa offers wisdom on how to find love. She advises that you should only marry the right person and not everyone. Since becoming husband and wife, the couple have established two rules: Alexa will choose Brennon’s outfits every time they go out and they dance to their wedding song.

FAQs: Is Alexa from Love Is Blind Pregnant?

1. Is Alexa and Brennon still together?

“Love Is Blind: After the Altar” was a celebration of Alexa Lemieux’s birthday. She remained married and enjoyed a happy relationship with Brennon Lemieux who was also a participant in the show.

2. Are Brennon and Alexa actually married?

The season’s final episode featured viewers watching as Alexa and Brennon exchange vows and tie the knot in front of their closest and dearest.

3. Where are Alexa and Brennon?

The four first installments of Season One, which were released on Netflix October 19, follow Alexa and Brennon as they travel from the “pods”, to Malibu, where Brennon experiences their first moments together as a married couple.


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