Is Freddie Aguilar Still Alive: How He Died?

Fans often ask Freddie Aguilar if he is still alive. The legendary Filipino singer and songwriter has been a loved and respected figure throughout the Philippines and beyond, despite some controversies.

Is Freddie Aguilar still alive?

Freddie Aguilar, a Filipino singer, songwriter and musician, rose to fame in 1970s with the hit song “Anak (Child). His music career began at an early age when he performed in bars and clubs throughout the Philippines. His songs often incorporate traditional Filipino music, such as the kulintang (a set or gongs) or the kubing (“a type of jawharp”) among others. His fans still question whether he is actually alive. Let’s look at the details.

Yes, Freddie Aguilar still exists in 2023. After rumors about his death spread on social media, Freddie Aguilar’s fans were concerned in 2014. The rumour quickly dispelled and Freddie Aguilar himself confirmed that he was still alive. Freddie Aguilar was alive as of this writing.

Where is Freddie Aguilar now?

It is well-known that the 1970 hit song “Anak”, composed by Freddie Aguilar and performed by him, is a Filipino artist. Despite reports to contrary, he is alive and well and resides in the Philippines. According to his Wikipedia page and official Facebook page, Aguilar remains active and is working in the music business. Aguilar, despite his age has not stopped performing at concerts and events throughout the Philippines and around the globe.

He actually released a brand new album called “Mga At Damdamin” in 2020. It includes both his older hits and new songs.

Who is Freddie Aguilar, anyway?

Freddie Aguilar, a Filipino singer, songwriter and musician, rose to fame in 1970s with the hit song “Anak (Child). Born in Manila, Philippines on February 5, 1953. His 1977 hit “Anak”, which was a huge hit in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, gained him widespread popularity. It is about a child who leaves his home to seek a better life. The song has been a Filipino classic.

Aguilar also recorded “Anak” and other hits in the Philippines such as “Bayan Ko”, “Magdalena” and “Estudyante Blues.” Aguilar has also released albums that are available in Spanish, Japanese, English and Japanese. He is also a strong advocate for Filipino culture, nationalism, and has been active in social and political issues in the Philippines. Today, Freddie Aguilar, one of the most iconic and influential Filipino musicians, is still a popular figure. His music continues to be a source of inspiration for generations of Filipinos, both here and abroad.

Freddie Aguilar wife

Freddie Aguilar has been married twice. In 1978, he married Josephine Queipo and they had four children together: Maegan (Jonan), Isabella (and Jeriko). Freddie Aguilar, despite the backlash, publicly admitted on October 17, 2013 that he was in a relationship 16-year-old Jovi Galtula Albao (also known as Sittie Marim) and that he plans to marry her. His partner insists that she is open to having children.

Freddie Aguilar, a Maguindanao native, married his wife in Buluan on November 22, 2013. He did so according to Islamic traditions. Six months before these stories were published, he converted to Islam to marry his girlfriend. As a Muslim, his name is Abdul Farid.

Jovie Albao is Freddie Aguilar’s wife. She was a former beauty queen, and a TV personality from the Philippines. She has also been involved in her husband’s music career as his manager.

Freddie Aguilar children

Josephine Queipo, his first wife, is not available. Here are some additional details about Freddie Aguilar and his wife, Josephine Queipo.

Maegan AguilarMaegan Aguilar is Freddie Aguilar’s daughter with Grace Nono, a former partner. Maegan is also an accomplished singer, and she has released her own albums. Her rock music is well-known and she has received awards.

Isabella “Bella” Aguilar: Bella, Freddie Aguilar’s daughter with Jovie Albao. She is a singer who has performed at concerts and other events with her father. She has also appeared in TV and movies in the Philippines.

Jeriko Aguilar Jeriko Aguilar is Freddie Aguilar’s son with Jovie Albao. He is also a musician, and has played the guitar at some of his father’s concerts.

Jonan Aguilar is Jonan, Freddie Aguilar and Jovie Albao’s son. He is also an accomplished musician, and has produced his own albums. His pop and R&B music are his trademarks.

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