Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon: Find Complete Details Here!

What is Hogwarts Legacy? Hogwarts Legacy can be described as a fairytale for those who grew up reading about Harry Potter’s adventures. You can make your own Hogwarts student, learn spells and get lost in the game’s magical world. This article will provide information about Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon, details such as Is there a trans character in Hogwarts Legacy? How many hours is Hogwarts Legacy and other pertinent details.

What is Hogwarts Legacy Canon?

Hogwarts Legacy has strong connections to Harry Potter’s lore. Hogwarts Legacy is set in the nineteenth century, which is at least 100 years prior to the birth of The Boy Who Died. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the first Harry Potter book to be confirmed as canonical. It was published in 1927. Harry Potter’s universe has made clear that it will accept prequel content as canon provided the stories and characters remain consistent. However, the game is unlikely be considered canon if JK Rowling is not directly involved in the story.

Is there a trans character in Hogwarts Legacy

The franchise’s first transgender character will be featured in the “Hogwarts Legacy” video game. It is set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World over a century ago.

In the new Harry Potter-based open world role-playing game, players meet Sirona Ryan. She is the owner of Three Broomsticks in the game’s Hogsmeade Village. She informs players that she was not a wizard but a witch after her classmates had taken some time to realize this.

It is notable that there is a trans character in The Wizarding World, considering Rowling’s recent anti-trans comments.

How many GB is Hogwarts Legacy?

Initial storage recommendations are 85 GB, if you look at Hogwarts Legacy’s Steam page. This is likely to include the base game, any DLC and any future DLC. This is because there will be more exclusive cosmetics and features in the future. The actual file size is a little smaller at 69.7GB. This will likely increase over time as we get more updates.

You’ll need less than 80GB storage space if you want to download the PlayStation 5 Hogwarts Legacy. S requires slightly less storage space, around 77 GB. This could be due to the PlayStation versions containing console-exclusive content. It is possible to require more space for updates, patches and DLCs.

How many hours is Hogwarts Legacy?

According to the leaked art book, Hogwarts Legacy will require 35 hours to complete its main story. For a completionist run, it takes 70 hours. This means that those who want to go beyond the main campaign and unlock all of the game’s collectibles/achievements will have to spend a lot more time exploring.

As with all games, the time it takes to complete a level or master a particular combat skill will vary. Wizards and witches will also find glitches that enable them to speedrun the game. Hogwarts Legacy offers a wealth content that Harry Potter fans can explore in its open world.

Do Hogwarts Legacy have Multiple Endings (

We won’t give away too much, but Hogwarts Legacy has multiple endings. There are three endings to the story: a good, bad, and an all-encompassing one. You’ll reach that universal ending if your immediate threat is removed.

Major decisions made near the game’s end will determine whether the main story ends in a good or bad way. We won’t reveal anything if you answer some questions in a certain manner, but we will make it clear by the end.

It’s important to choose carefully at the end of the game. This is especially true if you are having a conversation about whether or not you want to unleash or contain a particular thing. You will be able to choose the option that you want, but it won’t matter what you do.

Hogwarts Legacy Side Missions

The main story has multiple endings. Some missions and side arcs also have multiple endings. You can have the epic quest with Sebastian Sallow, your Slytherin companion, end in many different ways, depending on how you choose. You’ll need to go through the game multiple times and use many, many saved games in order to see all the possibilities. For your first playthrough we recommend that you go in blind to see what happens. Save your tinkering for later!

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