Is Kirk Twigg Arrested: Know What Happened To Him?

Spotsylvania County Public Schools: Is Kirk Twigg Arrested Spotsylvania County Public Schools? This district serves Spotsylvania County Virginia and consists of 17 Elementary, 7 Middle and 5 High Schools. It has an enrollment of almost 24,000 students. More people are interested in knowing more about Is Kirk Twigg. This article contains information about Is Kirk Twigg arrested.

Is Kirk Twigg Arrested?

Two charges were brought against a member the Spotsylvania County School Board. One was a felony. Kirk E. Twigg, 65, could face a two- to ten year sentence for forged public records. Twigg is also charged with tampering in a county record, which is a misdemeanor. Sgt. Sgt. Twigg was released on his own recognizance. Twigg’s alleged crimes are not recorded in court records. However, police said that they were both related to a county contract and occurred around June 21. Twigg was at the time in charge of the School Board.

Kirk Twigg, Spotsylvania School Board member, Arrested

A grand jury indicted the former chairman and member Spotsylvania County’s School Board members for falsifying school documents. According to the Virginia State Police the charges stem from an investigation that began in October and was approved by the Attorney General’s Office.

These allegations stem from the allegation that Kirk Twigg, who was the chair of the school board’s June 2022 meeting, altered records to change a salary amount in a county contract. Twigg is accused of tampering and falsifying a public records, a misdemeanor.

Twigg was released on his terms. An Albemarle County special procuror will handle the case. Twigg gained national attention in 2021 when he called for the burning books at a school board meeting. Twigg stated that he would like to see the books before they are burned so that people can recognize that this is eradicating bad stuff.

A School Board member is arrested for forgery

Kirk Twigg, a member of the School Board, was taken into custody for forgery on February 23, 2023. Twigg was charged with misdemeanor forgery with a county records and felony forgery. Twigg turned himself in to a magistrate’s before he was indicted in Spotsylvania by a grand jury. Twigg was released on his own recognizance. Twigg is not mentioned in court records. However, the alleged offenses involved a county contract. They occurred on or about June 21. Twigg was at the time in charge of the School Board.

Spotsylvania School

Spotsylvania Schools is a Virginia public school district that serves Spotsylvania County. It is also known as Spotsylvania County Public Schools. It boasts 17 elementary schools, seven middle schools, five high schools and nearly 24,000 students. The Spotsylvania County Schools division also offers the Commonwealth Governor’s school in partnership with local schools. The district partners with local businesses to provide learning opportunities for students. Spotsylvania County Public Schools works with the Parks and Recreation Department in order to maintain the school’s immediate environment, including its athletic facilities.

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