Is Paul Beasley Still Alive: Read Her Obituary!

Is Paul Beasley still living? You can find out more about Paul Beasley and if he’s still around by visiting the page.

Who is Paul Beasley

Paul Joseph Beasley is a well-known gospel musician. He was born August 2, 1949 in Terre Haute to Jesse Clarence Beasley & Lula Deal Beasley. Janice Marie Cooper Beasley was his avid traveler, and camper. They were married in Lewis, Indiana on August 15, 1970. Paul began his career in 1970s with the Mighty Clouds of Joy and was involved in several albums. Word signed him in the 1980s. Paul, a talented musician and former member of The Gospel Keynotes has released many solo albums. He was also a founding member of The 5 Blind Boys of Alabama. Beasley has been an active member of gospel music for more than 50 years. He’s released over 20 albums and has performed for millions worldwide. He is well-known for his powerful voice, and his ability connect with his audience. This has earned him many accolades, including the Grammy Award as Best Traditional Gospel Album.

Paul was a great performer and recording artist, and he never lost touch, even with his fame and popularity. It’s important to mention that Paul was a member of the Black Panther Party during the 1960s, 1970s. Paul Beasley’s music will be remembered by many people even after his death.

Is Paul Beasley still living?

Recent speculation has focused on the status of Paul Beasley (a former member of Gospel Keynotes) and his current whereabouts. Sources say that he died March 9, 2017. Others claim that he could still be alive. Despite conflicting reports, the Gospel Keynotes have not made an official statement. Paul Beasley, a son of Mary Fennell Beasley, was born in Baltimore on August 2, 1949. Joyce Arlene Whiting, his first wife, was with him for two years. They divorced in 1962. Beasley’s musical career started with the Gospel Keynotes. They were Ralph McGee (Charles Bailey), and Rev. J. D. Talley. John Jackson. Lonzo Jackson. and Archie McGee. They were popularized in the 1960s, 1970s for their unique mix of traditional gospel music and modern sounds. Willie Neal Johnson “The Country Boy”, another member of The Gospel Keynotes, was also a significant member.

How did Paul Beasley get killed?

Beasley was in his early 70s but he continued to be dedicated to his music career. He performed and recorded new music even though he was old. Many in the gospel community mourn his passing. One person said, “We’ve been lost one of our greatest gospel singers, Paul Beasley.” When I was a child, I used to listen to him on the radio. “Beasley performed with the Blind Boys of Alabama in his latter years. They have received significant recognition and a number of Grammy awards in recent times.” Beasley’s contributions in gospel music were important and he will be greatly missed. Beasley was born August 2, 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the daughter of Mary Fennell Beasley, and Paul Lester Beasley. Joyce Arlene Whiting was his first wife, but he and Beasley divorced in 1962.

Beasley was involved with many musical groups over the course of his career, including The Gospel Keynotes. This group was composed of Ralph McGee (Charles Bailey), Rev. J. D. Talley was John Jackson, Lonzo Jackson, Archie McGee, and Lonzo Jackson. They were well-known for the traditional gospel sound they shared and performed together for many decades. Beasley released many singles and albums as a solo artist, in addition to his work with Gospel Keynotes. He was an active performer right up until his death. His contributions in the gospel music industry are well-known. While Beasley’s death was widely reported, there is still some mystery about when exactly it occurred. Sources indicate that he died March 9, 2017, but others suggest that his life may be still being lived. Beasley’s condition has been a mystery since the Gospel Keynotes did not release an official statement.

Beasley is an undisputed icon of gospel music regardless of the circumstances that led to his death. Many musicians and fans have been inspired by his strong vocals and devotion to his craft over the years. Beasley is also well-known for his philanthropic efforts. Beasley was a member of many charitable organizations and dedicated to helping his community. Paul Beasley’s loss is a major blow to the gospel music community. His contributions to the genre will live on for many more years. His legacy will continue inspire and influence future generations.

Paul Beasley’s Obituary

Anita Aiken posted,

Mr. Paul Beasley !!!! While he’s well-known for many other songs, I think everyone is familiar with “Walk Around Heaven”. The song that stuck with me the most is attached to this post. The song is now a different meaning. #PaulBeasley #mysoulisfree

Thomas Rhyant Jr. posted,

Bro Paul Beasley. My mentor and friend. Thanks for all the advice and long talks. Gonna miss you. It was such a pleasure to have known of you. Many blessings to your memory. Eternal Rest.

Caleb Serrano posted,

Walking Around Heaven is another Gospel Great. RIP. Mr. Paul Beasley. So thankful I had the opportunity to grace the stage with him, and the Blind Boys of Alabama. Thanks Steve Ray, for making it possible.

Eli Paperboy Reed was posted,

Paul Beasley, the greatest falsetto of modern quartet history, was also the heir apparent to the throne held by Claude Jeter. Here he’s singing “Walk Around Heaven all Day” with The Mighty Clouds of Joy. This is Paul’s morning song about when he had nothing to do but “Walk Around Heaven all Day.”

Drina Penn posted,

It’s a sad day for our Quartet Nation. I am sorry to announce that Paul Beasley, the Legendary of The Original Gospel Keynotes and the 5 Blind Boys of Alabama has passed away. #WalkAroundHeaven

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