Is Tori Kelly still married: Who Is Tori Kelly’s Husband?

Like many actors, Tori Kelly has been the subject of rumors. You can read the article to find out about her marital status as well as her husband.

Is Tori Kelly still married to John?

Since their wedding in 2018, Tori Kelly has been the perfect couple. Their love story is a wonderful tale of two people, from different parts of the globe, who are brought together by their shared faith and fate. Let’s dive deeper into their story. Andre Murillo was raised in Bremerhaven (Germany), where he spent his entire childhood. He later moved to the United States to study basketball at Biola University, a private Christian school. His faith plays an important role in his daily life. He is a big fan of Lord of the Rings. Tori Kelly was born in California and raised there. She is a well-known singer-songwriter who has established herself in the music business. She is a singer-songwriter who has millions of fans around the globe. Her soulful voice touches hearts and she has been adored by many.

They met in 2016 and fell in love almost immediately. They found time to be together despite their hectic schedules and their love grew stronger each day. Their private lives were kept private to avoid the spotlight. Their relationship was not publicized, but that didn’t stop people from wondering about it. Andre proposed to Tori in September 2017. It was a beautiful marriage proposal that combines simplicity with romance. Andre took Tori to a peaceful park in the city to propose to her. Their fans were delighted when they announced their engagement via Instagram. The wedding took place on California’s sun-soaked cliffs. It was a fairytale event. The stunning lace gown worn by the bride was complemented beautifully by the navy blue suit worn by the groom. Their closest family and friends attended the wedding, which was full of love and laughter. Tori and Andre have been together since their wedding. They are supportive of each other’s work and have deep affection and respect for one another. Their marriage is built upon trust, understanding, faith, and a shared love that has seen them through the trials of life. Tori Kelly, Andre Murillo are an example to all. Their love story is a wonderful reminder of true love and that when two people are meant for each other, nothing can separate them. We wish them happiness and love all their lives.

Who is Tori Kelly’s husband?

Although Andre Murillo is not a household name in basketball, he is an outstanding player who has made a significant impact on the game. Murillo was born May 19, 1991. He is a former professional basketball player and played as a power forward. Although his career was short, he accomplished great things and is an inspiration to many. Murillo began his basketball career by playing for the Hamburg Towers of the German Pro A Basketball League. After moving to Rostock, Murillo played for the Rostock seawolves. He was awarded numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career, including the NAIA All-American honorable mention.

Tori Kelly Husband

Murillo has been happily married to Tori Kelly, a talented singer-songwriter. Their shared faith and trust in one another is the foundation of their relationship. Although Murillo has retired from basketball, he inspires people every day with his story of faith, perseverance, determination, and faith. Murillo began his basketball journey at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, California. After playing college basketball at Concordia University, he was expelled for disciplinary reasons. Murillo played basketball at Biola University after his expulsion. He graduated in 2019. Murillo announced his retirement as a basketball player in 2019, after sustaining an injury that rendered him unable to continue playing. His journey has not been limited to his basketball successes. Murillo sustained a serious injury when he was attacked at a party. He was discharged from hospital and began to use drugs to control his pain. This eventually led him to become addicted. He turned his life around at this point. Murillo found comfort in his faith and sought God’s help to overcome his addiction. He enrolled at Biola University where he was able rebuild his life and rediscovered his passion for basketball. Murillo was helped by Dave Holmquist (Biola University’s basketball coach), who played a pivotal role in his recovery.

Tori Kelly Instagram

Victoria Loren Kelly was born December 14, 1992. She is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and comedian. As a teenager, she uploaded videos to YouTube and competed on American Idol’s ninth season in 2010. In 2012, she released Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly her debut EP. Her manager was Scooter Braun, who led to her signing with Capitol Records in 2013. @torikelly is her Instagram handle. She joined Instagram in November 2010. She now has 4.1M Instagram followers.

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