John Parrott Net Worth in 2023: John Parrott is an ex-snooker player from England.

John Parrott Net Worth

John Perrott Net Worth,John parrott is an ex-professional player of snooker who is now a TV personality. Parrott is considered to be one of the best snooker players.

John Parrott, 1991 world champion. For 14 seasons, he remained at the top of the world rankings. The span of his professional snooker life spanned more than 27.

John Parrott works as a studio expert at BBC Sport. In addition to his work on BBC Sport’s sport quiz show A Question of Sport, He is part of the BBC’s horseracing coverage.

John Parrott Growth Of Net Worth

John Parrott’s net worth in 2023$4.92 Million
John Parrott’s net worth in 2022Unknown
John Parrott’s net worth in 2021Unknown
John Parrott’s net worth in 2020Unknown
John Parrott’s net worth for 2019Unknown

John Parrott Bio

John Parrott Net worth,John Parrott is an ex-snooker player from England. John Parrott’s biography can be found here.

John Parrott was born May 11, 1964, in Liverpool, England.

He was an amateur for three years and participated in five finals. He was an amateur for three years and played in five finals.

John Parrott Age

John Parrott Net Worth. John Parrott was born May 11, 1964, in Liverpool, England. He is currently 58 years old as of January 2023. His zodiac sign was Taurus. John Stephen Parrott, his full name, is John Parrott.

As a child, he played bowls and then, at 15, he started playing snooker.

John Parrott Height

Eurosport reports that John Parrott stands at 5’4″ or 183cm in height.

John Parrott Family

John Parrott was the child of his parents, who aren’t available. He was born in Liverpool.

John Parrott is married. Here is the answer to your question.

John Parrott Personal Details

Here is more information about John Perrott

Full NameJohn Stephen Parrott
Date Of BirthMay 11, 1964
SpouseKaren Parrott
ProfessionFormer Snooker player, television personality
Height6 Feet
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net Worth$4.92 Million

John Parrott Net Worth- FAQs

1. John Parrott: Who are you?

John Parrott, an English ex-snooker player, is a well-known TV personality.

2. How much does John Parrott earn?

John Parrott has a net worth of $4.92 Million.

3. Who is John Parrott’s wife?

Karen Parrott is John Parrott’s spouse.

4. What is John Parrott’s average age?

John Parrott is 58 years old.

5. What number of ranking titles does John Parrott hold?

John Parrott holds nine ranking titles.

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