John Wick Star Lance Reddick Cause of Death: How Did He Died?

People are searching for Lance Reddick, John Wick’s star, cause of death. Lance Reddick, an American actor and musician, is well-known. Scroll down to see Lance Reddick’s cause for death.

Lance Reddick: Who are you?

American actor and musician Lance Reddick gained fame for his roles in numerous TV and movie shows. He played the roles of Cedric Daniels in The Wire, Phillip Broyles and Chief Irvin Irving on Bosch. He also appeared in The Wire as Cedric Daniels, Phillip Broyles in Fringe and Chief Irvin Irving as Chief Irvin Irving. Reddick began his career as Detective Johnny Basil, and later played the role of Matthew Abaddon on Lost. Reddick also played the role as Albert Wesker on the Netflix series Resident Evil. His voice and appearance were used by many videogame characters, including Martin Hatch in Quantum Break and Sylens, in Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel and Commander Zavala, in the Destiny franchise. Reddick was the son of Solomon Reddick and Dorothy Gee. Reddick attended the Friends School of Baltimore, before moving to Boston in the 1980s. In 1994, he received a Master of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama.

John Wick Star Lance Reddick Cause for Death

Lance Reddick, a renowned actor best known for his roles in The Wire, and John Wick, has died at the age 60. Reddick’s representative said that Reddick “passed suddenly this morning from natural reasons” in a statement released to ABC News. According to multiple sources, his representative confirmed that he had died from natural causes at his Los Angeles home. TMZ, which was the first to report the news, confirmed that the actor died at his Studio City home, Los Angeles, California, on Friday morning around 9:30 a.m. Although the actor did not disclose any health issues prior to his death, he was unable attend Wednesday’s press conference. His recent social media posts show that he is in good health and spirits. His representative confirmed his death at his Los Angeles home.

How did Lance Reddick die?

Lance Reddick, an American actor best known for his roles on The Wire, and John Wick, has died at the age of 60. TMZ reported that he died at his Studio City home on March 17, at around 9:30 AM. He was on a press tour to promote John Wick: Chapter 4. Charon is his character. The film will be released March 24. Reddick was a musician as well as an actor. Mia Hansen, Reddick’s representative, said that Reddick died from natural causes at his Los Angeles home Friday morning.

Lance Reddick: What happened?

According to the Associated Press Lance Reddick, a talented actor best known for his performances in HBO’s acclaimed series The Wire as well as the action-packed John Wick movies, has died at the age 60. Reddick, according to his publicist, died suddenly from natural causes. TMZ was the first media outlet to report Reddick’s death. It reported that sources in law enforcement confirmed that Reddick’s body had been found at his Studio City residence in Los Angeles.

John Wick Star Lance Reddick Died at 60

Lance Reddick, an actor who was well-known for his roles in The Wire and John Wick, has died at the age 60. Mia Hansen, Reddick’s representative, confirmed Reddick’s death from natural causes on Friday morning at his Los Angeles home. She added that he would be missed greatly. Reddick’s sudden death came as he was on a press tour for John Wick Chapter 4. He was playing the role of Charon. Reddick was not able to attend the film’s premiere on the red carpet earlier in the week. However, he had been active and well in recent social media posts. Reddick started his acting career in 1990 and appeared in numerous TV shows like New York Undercover, The Nanny Oz, Fringe and Fringe. His wife Stephanie, and their children Yvonne & Christopher are his survivors.

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