Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn: Get Controversial Video!

Jordan Tristan Walker’s LinkedIn post discusses the claim Walker made during a Project Veritas sting operation.

The viral video of Jordan Tristan Walker has gone viral. Is Tristan Walker really claiming to have mutated the covid-19 virus in order to develop a new vaccine? This controversial statement was reported by mainstream media outlets, but it was later removed from their website.

Project Veritas’ undercover journalist captured Jordan Tristan’s controversial statements. Social media users across the United States and Canada have made Walker’s video viral. Jordan Tristan Walker’s LinkedIn write-up includes links and reports about the Walker viral clip.

Pfizer Tristan Walker Controversial Video:

Project Veritas claims that they conducted a sting operation against Walker, a Pfizer employee, to find out if the company is planning to create a vaccine for the covid-19 viruses. According to the research director, they intend to modify the virus in order to develop a new vaccine.

Tristan also claimed that the monkeys are being controlled in order to develop a vaccine against a new variant of the virus.

Jordan Tristan Walker Video:

The Veritas Company released Tristan’s video on the internet 26 January 2023. The video has been viewed 26,000,000 times on Twitter, and is becoming viral on other social media platforms. Veritas released the video in nine minutes and fifty-eight seconds. It has received 682K views, twelve thousand comments, and is now on YouTube.

The video shows Jordan intoxicated while sharing details about a vaccine development program. This footage confirms the Wuhan lab theory that led to the global outbreak of coronavirus. Pfizer must make this clear to the media.

Jordan Tristan Walker LinkedIn:

After his controversial video went viral online, Walker’s digital footprint was removed. Veritas claims that they searched hard for Tristan Walker’s details to confirm that he was a legitimate employee at Pfizer.

Walker’s role at Pfizer – Tristan was three steps below Chairman Albert Bourla and CEO of Pfizer. From 2021 to the present, he has been serving as Director of Worldwide R&D strategic operations and MRNA scientific planning.

BCG Employee – He was a consultant for the Boston consulting group between 2019 and 2021.

Education – Some reports indicate that he graduated in 2013 from Yale University.

Jordan Tristan Walker’s LinkedIn profile isn’t available online. Details are based upon Veritas findings.


People expect Pfizer will be honest about the claims made by Jordan Walker. BCG published some links that support the claim that Walker worked for them. Do you want to share your opinions on Pfizer Video Comment.

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