Melanie Rauscher Death: Know Her Death Reasons?

Melanie Rauscher was a Reality TV personality who rose to fame on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid.

Melanie Rauscher is who?

Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher, born December 18, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the birth name Melanie Elizabeth Rauscher. When she died, she was only 35 years old. Melanie, an American citizen of white race, grew up with her parents Daniel Rauscher and Catherine Rauscher. Her father Daniel was a senior manager at Hill International and her mother Catherine was a receptionist/billing assistant at Wilenchik Bartness Law office. Melanie graduated from Kennedy-Kenrick High School in high school and went on to Old Dominion University, Virginia. She was an outdoor enthusiast and a reality TV personality. She gained fame on Naked and Afraid (Discovery Channel). Her last days were spent at Prescott VA Medical Center. She also participated in local sports leagues. The net worth and salary of Melanie are currently unknown. At 5’6 inches (5.7 meters), she was tall. She wasn’t married when she died. It’s difficult to know if she was in a relationship because of her low-key social media presence.

Melanie Rauscher’s Death Reason

Melanie Rauscher was a participant in the “Naked and Afraid” show. She died accidentally from inhaling too much compressed air that was used in cleaning products. According to her autopsy report. On July 17, 35-year-old Melanie Rauscher was found unconscious near dust cleaner cans in Prescott, Arizona. According to the Yavapai County Medical Examiner, Melanie inhaled the toxic propellant causing her death. The official cause of her death was difluoroethane poisoning, also known as “huffing”, which is a popular way for young adults to get high cheaply and quickly. She was also not a victim of drugs or alcohol according to the report.

How did Melanie Rauscher die?

An autopsy report shows that Melanie Rauscher (35-year-old) died of heart failure from “huffing” while she was dog-sitting in Prescott in Arizona in July. Her body was found in a bedroom with dust cleaner near the bed she had been caring for while she was on vacation. Her death was attributed to inhaling the harmful propellant. Due to a DEA report showing that gas cartridges are used by one fifth of young people to get high, the DEA has taken steps to crack down on air canisters. New York banned anyone younger than 21 years old from purchasing whipped cream canisters. Sellers could face fines up to $500.

How did Melanie Rauscher become a widow?

An autopsy report revealed that Melanie Rauscher, who was a part of the TV show “Naked and Afraid,” died accidentally after inhaling deadly amounts of compressed air used in cleaning products. According to an autopsy report, the 35 year-old died after being found unconscious near cans filled with dust cleaner on July 17th, in Prescott. She died accidentally due to toxic propellant.

What was Melanie Rauscher’s cause de death in Naked and Afraid?”

Melanie Rauscher’s untimely death was reported by the media. She described it as “mysterious.” According to the report her dead body was found near cans of dust cleaner in Arizona. Corey Kasun of the Prescott Police Department spoke on behalf of the department. He stated that Melanie had been dog-sitting at a Prescott home and that her bodies were found in the guest room. Although authorities did not find any evidence of foul play they were unable to confirm that Melanie had used the dust cleaner for recreational purposes. No suicide note or other drug paraphernalia was found in the home. Melanie’s tragic passing was undoubtedly heartbreaking and devastating for her loved ones.

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