Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter: Read Here!

Nikee and Royalty Fight Video Twitter

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Did you see the fight video between Royalty, Nikee, and Nikee? Who are Royalty? Is there a reason for their fight? More information about the fight video is available here. The video shows that Royalty and Nikee were fighting in the United States.

You can also read the blog to get more information on the Nikee or Royalty Fight Video Twitter.

What are the Royalty’s and Nikee fight video footage shows?

People are freaking out over the viral Nikee and Royalties fight video that has been posted on the internet. People are looking for the video via Telegram and other social networking sites. The video shows Royalty fighting with Nikee.

A Twitter user shared the fight clip. Below are the social media links for anyone who is interested.

Who are Nikee, Royalty and?

According to sources, both were exes and parents of CJ So Cool’s children. CJ So Cool has funny videos on Youtube. Royalty Johnson and Nikee Lewis, former partners in CI So Cool are not on good terms.

Is there a reason for the fight?

Since the beginning, Nikee and Royalty had a bad relationship. They even challenged each others through Instagram and social media stories. They began to pull off each other. The two of them got into a heated physical fight.

Instagram shared the fight video between Royalty and Nikee. In the video’s caption, the user claimed that baby mother #Royalty was involved in a physical altercation with #Nikee.

Nikee and Royalty battle video: Viral on Reddit

It is clear that the Royalty and Nikee fight videos are the most popular on the internet. Redditors also shared Royalty &Nikee fight clips as it is also viral on Reddit.

How do people react to the fight videos?

People are sharing their opinions about the Twitter platform following the viral fight video between Nikee and Royalty of Tiktok.

One Twitter user mockingly claimed that Royalty was getting in there.

Another Twitter user laughed and said that Royalty looked stupid in the hoodie.


The Nikee and Royalty fight videos are very aggressive and are currently the most-viewed video on the web.

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