Petawawa Kia Fight Full Video: Read What Happened!

Petawawa Kia Fight Full Video

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Are you interested in the Petawawa Kia Video? Do you want to see the contents of the video? The video went viral in Canada, Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The video was not without its critics.

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The Video

According to sources, a KIA manager got into a fight with a customer. The Manager used offensive language with the customer and was also erratic. The video shows that the Manager pushed a door, knocked on a man and then continued to do so. The Manager then shouted at another person, which he assumed was a customer. When the customer attacked the Manager with his legs, the video was cut short. According to sources, customers became furious at the manager and began to criticize the entire Petawawa Kia team. The video became viral almost immediately after one year on Reddit, and all other platforms.

Disclaimer: All information in this article is based on internet sources. We are not trying to be a scapegoat for anyone.

What was the Petawawa Kia Apology Note?

According to sources, the Petawawa Kia employee wrote a note on the Petawawa Kia Superstore Page Facebook to express his regret for the behavior of their former employee. The note stated that they are committed to providing the best customer service possible and earning customers’ trust. They also stated that the ex-employee was terminated and is no longer working for them. They promised to take care of these matters in the future. They expect only the best in ethical conduct and customer service from employees.

Is the Video Now Viral on Tiktok

The video went viral on almost all social media platforms including Tiktok. This platform’s viewers also watched the video, and criticised the Manager. The video was uploaded to @taktak68. It has received more than 10K views. The video received more views when people shared it. The video was also shared to other platforms by people, which attracted nearly the same amount of viewers. The video was equally criticized. People wanted to learn more about the incident. The Petawawa officials later informed the public about the firing. This video was also more popular on Instagram

What Caused the Fight?

According to some sources, the customer wanted the deposit back. The Manager then began a verbal altercation with the customer. According to sources, the video was shot by the wife of the customer. When her husband sat on the Manager’s legs, she cut the video. The video was circulated across all platforms and soon, people began to criticize the Manager. The Manager and the customer are not mentioned. The fight video was the only thing that spread throughout the internet, and people were eager to learn more. The video went viral when the Youtube link was circulated.

What Criticisms did the People Make?

Kingston residents condemned the video showing the brutal fight. Both parties used offensive language that left people stunned. All residents in the area were intrigued by the video and began to consider it. The video gained popularity on Telegram as well as other popular platforms.


Many people were fascinated by the fight between the manager of Petawawa Kia and the customer. The struggle between the Petawawa Kia manager and the customer has gone viral across all social media platforms. For more information, please visit this link

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