Rodney King Video Original: Read What Happened?

This article is associated with Rodney King Video Original and shares facts about footage that was taken when police officers attacked an individual.

Rodney was beaten and shot by police officers. Rodney was beaten by police officers? What happened to Rodney King? People from around the world are searching for Rodney King’s footage.

Even though Rodney’s story isn’t new, many people still want to see the footage. Let’s examine the footage below and see why Rodney King Video Original is so popular.

Is the original footage of Rodney King still available?

George Holiday captured footage of Rodney King being beaten by four officers on March 3, 1991. The video went viral on numerous social media platforms including Reddit’s pages and Twitter.

George, the proprietor of a Los Angeles plumbing business, was awakened by sirens and helicopters just moments after midnight. He went to his terrace and picked up his portable Sony camera. Rodney’s clip went viral on Reddit and was shared by many.

What was George’s capture of in his shoot?

George’s capture was shocking. Four police officers beat a black man using batons. A dozen to twelve police officers remained outside and watched. A total of twenty-four people watched the incident from afar. A few witnesses shouted at the officials not to kill him, while others appealed for them to slow down.

Holliday, who died on September 21st from COVID-19, had twelve minutes of video. The Rodney King video contains 90 seconds of film. It is the most famous picture ever. Although it was not accessible, it went viral on Tiktok.

Rodney’s video went viral

The viral video went viral quickly on social media and caused outrage. The story became a national sensation and was featured in all major news media across the country. It would be hailed as the first example of news gathering many years later.

Telegram users tried to find Rodney’s clip, but it was not available.

Was Rodney assaulted in the video?

An interaction between Rodney King and Los Angeles officials that would have normally been full of violence but easily forgotten was made into one of the most viewed and talked-about instances of its sort because of a nine-and-a-half-minute videotape by George Holliday.

Each officer’s blows are delivered in the first part and a portion of the film. Although you can view the entire Holliday footage online, the critical first few seconds when Rodney rushes at Officer Powell is blurred.


Rodney King is still being reported on as a victim of police officers’ assault and murder in 1991. People still share and recall the moment Rodney was killed by police officers. George captured Rodney’s video and is still available for public sharing.

Check out Rodney’s incident footage. Click the Youtube link to see Rodney’s incident footage. Did Rodney’s footage inspire you? Please share your impressions of the incident below.

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