Sacred Heart Institute Scam: Know About The Scam?

The Sacred Heart Institute Scam spread like a wildfire all over the US. This scam is not to be trusted.

Are you an upcoming nursing aspirant? Do you prefer the idea of completing this degree in a short time? If you answered yes or no, then you need to know about the scam at Sacred Heart Institute.

Many aspirants from the United States fell for this Sacred Heart Institute Scam, claiming they were attempting to obtain a nursing license. They promised to get a degree by taking a shortcut that would ruin their future. We will now examine the details of this scam.

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A federal jury in Miami convicted the defendants of selling a total of seven thousand six hundred fake nursing diplomas to nursing schools in Florida.

The officials made this statement on Wednesday 25 January 2023 in a conference that was attended by several news stations. One of the schools involved in providing transcript-licensed diplomas for nurses is Sacred Heart International Institute.

This was an illegal scheme to obtain a diploma in nursing/license and get genuine employment. This illegal scheme involved twenty-five people who were looking for employment and shortcut licenses.

The scam

7600 nurses were given fraud certificates after they had obtained forged qualifications and credits for false nursing diplomas. Candidates who passed the national nursing board exam can get this diploma from Sacred Heart Institute Scam.

This precaution should be taken, but the appropriate training and knowledge must be obtained from the relevant schools. This certification raises doubts about whether any nursing diploma holder is genuine.

Twenty-five people have been arrested and are currently being investigated. Prosecutors claim that all of the defendants in this fraud will spend at least twenty-five years in prison.

About Sacred Heart International Institute

The Sacred Heart International Institute is located in Florida. It is accredited by CCNE, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. It was granted a license by the Florida Board of nursing.

This program is for nurses who are interested in becoming practical nurses. These programs include Master’s degrees in nursing, Doctorate in nursing practice and Baccalaureate degrees.


Federal authorities revealed the fraud at the sacred heart institute during a news conference. The shocking revelation has brought to light that the institute’s nurses have been fired.

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