South Carolina Girl Video: Read Details Here?

South Carolina Girl Video featured a controversial video featuring a girl who claimed to be studying at USC.

Did you see the viral video featuring a young girl who claimed to be at USC? What was she doing? This article is about South Carolina Girl Video. People from Brazil, Mexico and the United States want to know more about the girl who made offensive comments towards another girl in a video.

Information on the Topic

In the last week, a viral video went viral on several social media platforms. Jamie Lynn Scott is the girl who claims to be a South Carolina student. First, she made racial comments against a black man. Then, she was stopped by a girl who was also of black and who had recorded the viral video.

Jamie Lynn used the “bad words” to describe the girl who asked for her name in the video that became famous on Youtube. Lynn used harsh, harsh, racist and unacceptable words for the black girl. She boasted about the followers she had on social media. She claimed she attended the University of South Carolina.

Response from The People and Authorities

People began to discuss the topic on social media as soon as it became viral. People criticized her for making such hateful comments. This video was first viralized on Tiktok, and has since been viewed millions of times.

Famous influencers began talking about the incident after some time. This brought the University to their attention. From their official Twitter account, they replied that she wasn’t a student at their university. People thought that she should go to Technical South Carolina college. They denied the claim and responded to it with a tweet. She is a well-known social media influencer, with over 10000 followers.

Information on Instagram Account and Other Information

She has over 19000 followers, has made 141 posts and has followed 520 people on Twitter. She called herself a public figure and this is her only account. She looks like a college student, according to her photos. She also has tattoos.

Many social media influencers have spoken about her, including Tizzyent. In his video, he included details about Jamie. He described the entire situation. This video is also available on Twitter.


This article covered a popular video. The article featured a college girl who began to make derogatory comments about a black man. Then, she started using offensive language towards a black girl who had recorded her video. She boasted about her fame on social media and being a student at a prestigious college. Later, the college refuted her claims. Here is the statement of Central Carolina Technical College

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