St Louis Man Killed Homeless Man: Louis Is Killed By Homeless Man?

St Louis gunman shoots homeless man. People are curious about what happened to the St Louis homeless man. Continue reading the entire article to find out more about St Louis Man Killed Homicide Man.

Deshawn Thomas is who?

Deshawn Tom was charged with murder Tuesday, after David Saldana, a St. Louis man, was gunned down in the street. Thomas, 23 years old, was believed to have fled from the crime scene when he was stopped by police at the Olive Street public library. An unidentified witness captured the shooting on the sidewalk in front the Globe Building just after 10 am. Saldana can be seen sitting at the road edge, his hands resting on his ears.

St Louis man is killed by homeless man

A gunman shot and killed a homeless person on a St. Louis street during broad daylight. Deshawn, a homeless man is seen in this witness-shot footage from Monday morning holding an assault rifle while standing right behind him outside of a downtown structure. Thomas tried to load his weapon at first, but the homeless man was oblivious of the dangers around him. Thomas pulled the trigger and loaded the gun. He pointed the barrel at him. Thomas tried to flee on foot but police caught him. The gun was found in Thomas’s hand as he attempted to enter a library close to the crime scene. He was booked into county jail and charged with first degree murder. Police allege that Thomas and his victim were involved in a fight at a station before the shooting. The cause of the dispute is unknown.

St Louis homeless man is killed

Saldana dies when the man, who appears briefly to be speaking into his phone, pulls out a gun and fires once in his head. Police say Thomas had a gun, and a bullet casing at the time he was arrested. St. Louis police arrested Deshawn Thomas, who was allegedly captured on video shooting a homeless man in his head. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch Deshawn Tom, 23, was charged Tuesday with the shooting that left David Saldana dead.

What happened in St Louis to the Homeless?

A video that appeared to show a St. Louis resident shooting a homeless person execution-style in broad daylight led to the man being arrested Tuesday. Deshawn T. Thomas, 23, was taken into police custody in connection to the Monday murder. He has not been charged. Thomas was seen trying to load his gun from a distance of just a few feet behind the homeless man on the curb. The video shows him firing at the unidentified victim.

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