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Supra Oracle Token’s write-up discusses airdrop, price and supply of this Oracle service currency.

Are you a crypto investor looking for a token that will be relevant in the future? Blockchain technology and crypto are opening up new avenues for many industries, including power, banking and gaming. Blockchain’s ability store large amounts of data and to process it in real-time opens up new opportunities for many industries.

Supra, a blockchain platform, makes products that allow developers and entrepreneurs to link smart contracts with the outside. Investors in crypto markets like Indonesia are paying attention to Supra Oracle Token.

What is Supra Cryptocurrency exactly?

Supra, a technology company, develops tools to enable communication between blockchain contracts. Blockchain contract uses can be found in many industries, such as Oracle. It allows for interaction with real-world events.

Oracle permits blockchain technology to interact with industry needs and go beyond its limits. Below are some of the Supra solutions.

  • Enhanced Decentralization
  • Better Interoperability
  • High Speed
  • High Scalability
  • Better Finality

Market Cap, Price, Supply, and Other Details:

Some cryptocurrency reporting sites have made this coin inactive. The live price of this coin could not be found on the internet. Below are some details about this token.

  • Price – This coin’s last live price was $13.33 on 21 June 2022
  • Supply – This currency can only be supplied in a maximum of 10,000 units
  • Market cap – This is the market cap for this currency.
  • Rank – 42337
  • All-time high price $18.11
  • Mineable – No
  • Toke type – ERC 20

Supra Oracle Token Team:

On the website of Supra Coin, you can find details about individual members of the team. We have listed some of the key members and their names.

  • Joshua D. Tobkin – Chief Executive Officer
  • Larron Armstead, Chief Technology Officer
  • Raghavendra Ramesh – Vice President (Research)
  • Arun Doraiswamy – Vice President (Blockchain)
  • Philip Kwon, Director FX and Trade

How do I get Supra Token

Supra has raised approximately $ 20 million through various funding rounds with different partners. It has approximately 150 000 followers on Twitter. To distribute its token, the Supra Oracle Token launched a campaign called Blast Off. A small test can be passed to receive up to 1500 supra tokens.

  • Visit the official website for the Supra coin.
  • To move forward in the campaign, candidates must pass the KYC.
  • Click on the blast off tab to perform the task.
  • People can also complete additional tasks to earn more tokens.

Final verdict:

It appears that Supra coin is not active now (, and the company has partnered with various clients to increase its revenue. Click here for the Best 2023 Cryptocurrency Information

Are you interested in participating in the Supra coin airdrop campaign? Comment.

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