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Do you know Toni Fowler or her song MPL? The video was a hit with Filipino critics and fans.

MPL By Toni Fowler & Controversies

Toni Fowler – New Song Mpl music Video. Toni Fowler’s song and the video that accompany it have attracted controversy because of their very explicit content. The video is not suitable to be viewed by minors, despite being on YouTube. The video can, despite its explicit nature and accessibility on the internet, be viewed by anyone.

Many have complained that the rating authority did not express concern about the video. These criticisms were responded to by the MTRCB, who said that they did not receive the video for review. It would have been a negative rating by them, which means it is inappropriate for general public display.

Details about Toni Fowler

Toni Fowler – Toni Fowler’s new song Mpl Music Video Toni seemed to be performing intimate scenes and sensual scenes.

NameToni Fowler
Birthdate23rd July 1993
ProfessionSingers, Models and Actress Influencer
Relationship StatusShe married Rob Moya. But they have split up.
ChildrenShe was a daughter Tyronia Fowler

Social Media Link

Toni has 1.1m followers and follows only 39 people. She has added the details for the manager to her bio.


She has 7.33million followers on her YouTube channel and posts videos every day.


Toni has over 300,000 Twitter followers. Toni is located in Quezon City and joined the Twitter network in 2016. She is very active in all of her social media accounts.


Toni Fowler New MPL Song Music Video. The article examines the controversy surrounding Toni Fowler’s new MPL song music video. This video has become very popular on TikTok as well as other platforms for its explicit content. As the video is easily available to the general public, concerns have been raised regarding the possible adverse effects it could have on children. The article also includes the response of MTRCB.

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