What happened to Khalil Azad: Read Full Details!

Khalil Aziz Khalil Azad, a Robbinsdale resident aged 24, tragically died from police brutality. People are interested to find out more about Khalil Azad. Continue reading to learn more about Khalil Azad.

Who was Khalil Azad, the founder of Khalil Azad?

Khalil Azad was a 24-year old Robbinsdale resident who tragically died as a result police brutality while he was in custody. His family includes his wife Montress Azad, and their daughter Kailani Azad. Social media was abuzz with outrage over Khalil Azad’s tragic death. Many people called for justice for the young man. Two days earlier, Khalil Azad fled on foot and was stopped by Robbinsdale Police. His body was found floating in Crystal Lake.

What happened to Khalil Azad’s life?

Khalil Azad’s body was discovered floating face down in Crystal Lake on July 20, 2022. Although an autopsy report indicated that Azad died from drowning, his family disagreed and claimed that Azad was a skilled swimmer. Robbinsdale Police pulled Azad over two days before the discovery of his body. They claim that he fled on foot while being interrogated. He was last seen at this point. Many suspect foul play after Azad’s body was found with many bite and scratch marks. Khalil Azad, a Robbinsdale Police suspect of domestic assault, was taken into custody and transported to the Hennepin County Jail. He was allegedly beaten to death by the police officers, which led to his tragic and unfortunate passing. A vigil was held in Crystal Lake recently to remember Azad and to pressure authorities to open an investigation.

Students carried signs that read, “No Justice No Peace” and “Justice for Khalil Azad,” while they chanted Azad’s name.

Ayisha Johnson is the sister of Khalil Azad. Jerome Richardson, Minnesota Teen Activists director, comforted her.

“Me and Khalil were close from a young age, and were best friends. He had a beautiful smile.”

Johnson said, “We all know that looking at these (autopsy) photos shows that something needs to be done.”

Khalil Azad Family

Khalil Azad was a Robbinsdale native. He was born in Robbinsdale and grew up there with his parents and family. His sudden death devastated his family, including Kailani Queen Azad (his daughter was only two months old at the time). Montress Azad claims that Khalil was allegedly beat by police officers and then thrown into the river. This left the Azad family devastated. They now demand justice and accountability from Robbinsdale Police Department as well as the medical examiner. Families and supporters demand an investigation of the Robbinsdale Police Department, release of all body-cam footage and prosecution of officers and medical examiners who were involved in Khalil Azad’s death.

Jerome Richardson (executive director of Minnesota Teen Activists) stated, “We are happy to be there with many students and many others who are on the way,” “(We are) here to demand justice for Khalil Azad Azad… demanding justice as well as answers about what happened to Khalil Azad Azad on July 3, 2022.

Khalil Azad Death

Khalil Azad’s relatives and student activists held a rally in Minneapolis on Monday to question the circumstances surrounding Azad’s death. They also demanded the release of bodycam footage and an independent investigation. Azad was 24 years of age when he was found on Crystal Lake’s shoreline in July 2022. He had allegedly fled from Robbinsdale Police Department after being stopped for DWI suspicions. Azad’s cause-of-death was determined by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office to be freshwater drowning. Azad’s family wants an independent autopsy in order to find out more information. Teen activists also demand investigations into the agencies involved and the release of all footage from body cameras.

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