What happened to Kyedae: Is She ALive?

Kyedae Kyedae is dead. Kyedae Kyedae is an author and Twitch streamer, originally from Canada. She is currently engaged to TenZ, a professional gamer and she is a member of 100 Thieves. Kyedae is a popular character. You can read the article below to learn more about Kyedae’s fate.

Who is Kyedae

Kyedae, also known by Kyedae Alicia Shymko is a Twitch streamer, content creator, and Twitch streamer with a Japanese background. She gained her visibility initially through streams with TenZ, her boyfriend at the moment. Here she learned the skills needed to play Valorant. She began streaming solo and gained a following. Kyedae has established herself as a Valorant player with the aim of achieving Radiant status. Kyedae often works alongside TenZ, her fiance. Her unconventional, risky humor contrasts well with TenZ’s more laid-back image. Kyedae joined 100 Thieves as an April 2021 member. Kyedae’s mother is Japanese, and her father Ukrainian-Canadian. Kyedae also has a younger sibling, Sakura.

Kyedae initially was not comfortable on camera. TenZ introduced Kyedae to his viewers during one his streams. He taught Kyedae how to play Valorant (the game he competes professionally in). Kyedae started to appear on his streams, and she eventually set up her own streaming channel. On October 31, 2020, she created her first solo stream using TenZ’s computer.

Kyedae: What happened?

Kyedae Shymko was diagnosed with cancer. The news broke on March 3, 2023. Kyedae “Kyedae” Shymko shared a heartbreaking tweet revealing that she has been diagnosed with acute meloid leukemia. She said she would be starting treatment soon. Many of her supporters and fans are waiting anxiously for updates on her health as well as information about her plans for attending the awards show.

Can Kyedae get cancer?

Kyedae tweeted support to her fellow streamers, Valorant members and fans. Christina “Tina”, Kenyon, and Jeremy Wang, both streamers, wished her a speedy recuperation. Nathan “leaf”, Orf, and Trent “Trent”, Valorant pros Nathan “leaf”, Orf encouraged her to rest. They also said that she’s not obligated to stream. Kyedae’s devastating announcement of her diagnosis of cancer prompted a huge response from the Twitch community. They have shown their support and encouragement by supporting her in every way possible. Fans are eagerly waiting for updates from Kyedae on her health. Many also anxiously wait to hear from Tyson Ngo, her fiancé and fellow Valorant player. Kyedae fights cancer courageously and can take comfort knowing that there is a dedicated community supporting her. They offer love, support, and encouragement every step of the journey.

What is Acute myeloidleukemia (AML), a type of cancer?

Acute myeloidleukemia (AML), is a blood cancer that attacks the bone marrow, blood cells and lymph nodes. AML is specifically caused by abnormal myeloid cell, which are white blood vessels that fight infection. AML occurs when abnormal myeloid cell growth is rapid and doesn’t mature well. This causes a buildup of immature bone marrow cells and eventually, blood. It can lead to fatigue, weakness, fever and infections as well as bleeding. AML is treated by a combination of several factors. These include the patient’s age, overall health, as well as the characteristics of the leukemia cells.

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