What Happened to Merlin Santana: Who Killed Merlin Santana?

Merlin Santana, a talented actor best known for his roles on hit TV shows and movies was tragically killed in a 2002 shooting. This in-depth investigation reveals the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of Merlin Santana and the legacy that he left behind.

What happened to Merlin Santana’s life?

Merlin Santana, an American actor and rapper, was well-known. His roles in movies and TV shows were also well-known. The actor, who was only 26 years old, died on November 9, 2002. According to reports, Merlin Santana was shot to the head.

Merlin was in Los Angeles when he died. Three men approached him while he was in his car with his friend. One of the men opened fire on the car, striking Merlin in the head. He was then killed.

Who Killed Merlin Santana

Two men, Damien Andre Gates (left) and Brandon Douglas Bynes (right), were both arrested and charged for Merlin’s murder. Brandon was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for first-degree murder. Damien Andre Gates pleaded guilty for voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to 23 year imprisonment. The third shooter was not identified nor arrested.

How did Merlin Santana die?

The entertainment industry suffered a great loss with the death of Merlin Santana. His fans will always remember him fondly. Merlin was an actor, as well as a model. He was a star in many movies. Merlin received many nominations for his modeling and acting career.

Merlin was laid to rest on November 18, 2002 at Saint Raymond’s Cemetery, The Bronx borough in New York City.

Merlin Santana Sister and Daughter

According to some sources, Merlin Santana’s daughter is Melody Santana. We couldn’t find any information on his family. Merlin began his career as an advertisement model for a fast-food chain when he was three years old.

Because of their interactions on The Cosby Show, Deon Richmond was cast to play Merlin’s brother Darren. We couldn’t find any information on Merlin Santana and his family.

Are Juelz Santana and Merlin Santana related?

No. No. Juelz Santana, a well-known American rapper, is also a member the East Coast hip hop group The Diplomats. Juelz Santana was conceived in New York City. He is one the most well-known rappers in the entire world. He was born in Sugar Hill, Harlem, Manhattan and began rapping when he was five years old. He was 41 years old when he was born on February 18, 1982.

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