What Happened To Nelli Tembe: Who is Nelli Tembe?

What happened to Nelli Tembe? Nelli Tembe was born in 1999 and became famous as the fiancee for AKA, a South African rapper. Her future mother-in law Lynn Forbes liked one of her Instagram photos and she rose to fame. Because she is such a well-known personality, everyone should know what happened to Nelli Tembe. The article below will provide more information about What Happened to Nelli Tembe.

Who is Nelli Tembe?

Nelli Tembe was born in 1999 and was engaged to AKA, a well-known South African rapper. Lynn Forbes, her mother, liked one her photos on Instagram and made her famous. She is related to Nondumiso Tembe, a South African media personality who is an actress, singer and songwriter as well as a dancer. Although she was born in 1999, her exact date of birth is unknown.

What happened to Nelli Tembe’s body?

AKA, South African rapper, has made an emotional tribute to Anele Tembe four months after his tragic loss of his fiancee. After falling from the 10th Floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, the 22-year old died. AKA posted a photo of Tembe and himself on Instagram Wednesday and thanked those who supported them and their families. AKA also shared a video of Tembe and himself dancing in a kitchen with four broken heart emoticons.

AKA, who is actually Kiernan Jarryd Forbes said in his first public statement following Tembe’s passing that each day has been a struggle since he lost the love of his lifetime. AKA expressed his sadness at the loss of Tembe and the life they planned. AKA wrote Tembe a June letter on Father’s Day expressing his sorrow and how everything reminded of him. It made it difficult for him not to enjoy the day.

How Did Nelli Tembe Died?

Tragically, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes (also known as AKA) died two years after Anele “Nelli”, his fiancee, had passed away. Tembe, who was accompanying her boyfriend on a performance at the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, fell to the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel. AKA was killed and injured in a Durban drive-by shooting on February 10, 2023. He was 35 years of age and was about to perform when his life was ended. While standing outside a Durban restaurant, he was struck by a car and killed.

Tony Forbes and Lynn Forbes, AKA’s parents confirmed the sad news on Saturday morning and expressed their deepest sorrow. They said they were still waiting for more information from the Durban Police.

“The matter concerning Ms Anele Tembe (the deceased) was referred to Western Cape director for public prosecutions. The police were able to return the docket for further investigation.

Nelli Tembe Biography

Full NameNellie Tembe
Date of birth1999 (age 22)
HusbandKiernan Forbes (AKA)
NationalitySouth African
Net Worth$200,000

What happened to Aka’s Girlfriend?

After falling from the 10th Floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town, the 22-year old died. According to reports, South African rapper Kiernan Forbes (known professionally as AKA) was shot and killed during a drive-by shooting. According to reports, the attack took place outside a popular restaurant. AKA’s bodyguard was also shot. Durban police confirmed that a man aged 35 and another person were both shot in Florida Road, Durban on Friday night. Garrith Jamieson (a spokesperson for paramedics) stated that ambulances were called to the scene of the shooting just after 10:15 pm. They found two men with multiple gunshot wounds.

FAQ’s: What happened to Nelli Tembe

1. What happened to AKA, a South African rapper?

AKA was apparently killed in a drive by shooting in Durban (South Africa).

2. When did AKA die?

AKA was killed in an automobile accident on February 10, 2023.

3. Who was AKA’s bodyguard?

According to reports, AKA’s bodyguard was also shot in the drive-by shooting.

4. Is it possible to find the location of the drive-by shooting?

The drive-by shooting was done outside a popular restaurant on Florida Road in Durban, South Africa.

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