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Ariel Frenkel left The Bachelor to continue her passions. Here are the full details. Also, find out Ariel Frenkel’s parents, bio, birthday and wiki.

Ariel Frenkel is who?

Ariel Lana Frenkel was a young, beautiful woman who made her television debut in the 27th season. The show’s story follows a man’s search for love in a group female eligible women. Ariel was one contestant hoping to win the heartfelt bachelor’s love and find true romance.

Ariel, who is from a small Midwest town, quickly became a household name on the show. Her infectious smile and bubbly personality made her stand out from other contestants. She quickly bonded with the bachelor through their shared passion for hiking and camping. It was obvious that they had a genuine connection.

As the show progressed however, the competition intensified. There were many contestants competing for the bachelor’s attention and tensions ran high. Ariel found herself caught in several conflict situations and it was clear that the drama was putting a strain on her.

Ariel was eliminated in week TBA, despite all her efforts. It was a shock for Ariel and her fans who had grown to appreciate her sweet and sincere nature. Ariel said she learned a lot about her and what she wants in a partner during her time on the program.

Ariel continues to follow her passions even after leaving The Bachelor. She is back at work as a teacher, and even started a hiking club with her students. She has remained close to her fellow contestants and is an advocate for mental well-being.

What is Ariel Frenkel’s Ethnicity?

Ariel is a self-proclaimed thrill seeker and is determined to find love as deep as the one she has with her parents. Ariel describes her parents as being part a loving, large Ukrainian family. Ariel, besides her Ukrainian heritage, is proud to be Jewish.

Ariel, according to her LinkedIn profile has been a volunteer at two organizations dear to her heart, the UJA Federation of New York as well as COJECO. Ariel has actively participated in many of the projects of UJA Federation of New York. It is the largest Jewish philanthropy group in the United States. COJECO, however, is the center for the Russian-speaking Jewish community of the New York tri-state region. Ariel has been a key participant in the organization’s community building initiatives.

Ariel’s Russian proficiency is one striking feature of her background. Her LinkedIn profile shows that she is fluent in Russian, either natively or bilingually. This has made it easier for her to connect with the Russian-speaking Jewish communities in the United States.

Ariel’s determination and drive to find true romance is no doubt influenced by her strong family values. Ariel grew up in a large, loving Ukrainian family, which taught her the value of loyalty and trust. She hopes that her future partner will also be able to do this.

Ariel Frenkel Parents

Ariel’s family is a mix of community involvement and business. Feliks, her father, is a successful investor and businessman. Feliks currently chairs the COJECO board, a non-profit organization that promotes Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews of New York. Feliks also serves on the UJA Federation Board of Directors, which is a philanthropic organization that supports various Jewish causes.

Marina, Ariel’s mom, comes from a long line of business-oriented family. Marina is proud to be a descendant of a businessman grandfather.

Ariel was blessed with an older brother, Gabrielle Seris. Gabrielle is a beautiful woman. Gabrielle is welcomed into the family with open arms. Their union has brought happiness to the family.

Ariel Frenkel Family

Ariel Frenkel is proud to be a Jewish member of her family. Her Ukrainian roots are a very special part of her life. Ariel stated that she believes people should know and respect her family’s Judaism and culture before they enter her life. She expressed pride in her heritage and family.

Ariel’s elder sibling was married. It was a traditional Jewish ceremony with all the guests wearing yamakas (kippahs) which are brimless caps used during Jewish festivals and occasions. The chuppah was the covering that covered the bride’s and groom’s heads during the ceremony. It was decorated with flowers as a symbol of the family culture and traditions.

Feliks’ mother and father, Ariel Feliks were actively involved in philanthropic activities that aim to improve the lives Jewish immigrants in New York City. Feliks served as a past president of COJECO, Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations. Ariel’s family is committed to helping others, which is a testament of their values and sense community.

Ariel Frenkel Bio

Real nameAriel Lana Frenkel
Profession(s)Reality TV Star Marketing Executive
BirthdayAugust 24, 1994
ParentsFather:Feliks Frenkel
Mother: Marina Frenkel
Zodiac SignVirgo
28 years
BirthplaceManhattan, United States
HometownManhattan, New York (USA)

Ariel Frenkel Wiki

Ariel Frenkel was born Ariel Lana Frenkel at Manhattan, United States. Her birth sign is Virgo. This sign is known for its practical and analytical nature.

Ariel is a person who stands out among the crowd because of her intelligence, boldness and authenticity. Ariel is fiercely independent and will not compromise her values. Ariel comes from a Ukrainian family full of love.

Ariel, in addition to her professional career, is also an avid traveler. She has visited many parts of the world including Europe, Asia and South America. Her vibrant personality reflects her passion for exploration, adventure, and discovery.

Ariel became famous after she appeared on The Bachelor (Season 27), a popular reality television show that has captured millions’ hearts. Her appearance on the show was well received and quickly became a fan favorite.

Ariel, a marketing executive has established herself as a leader in the industry through her innovative thinking and strategic planning. Her ability to deliver results for clients and drive growth is what makes her a popular choice.

Ariel Frenkel Nationality

Ariel Frenkel was a young talent, born in Brentwood, Tennessee on March 26, 1995. Her family is Ukrainian. She was raised in a loving, supportive family that nurtured her creativity and curiosity.

Frenkel attended Trevor Day School for her high school graduation. There she was an outstanding student who had a passion and dedication to the arts. Frenkel was very interested in theatre and music and spent a lot time practicing her skills.

Frenkel performed in many school plays and musicals during her time at Trevor Day School. Her talent and dedication impressed both her teachers as well her peers. Frenkel studied vocal performance and music theory. This helped her to develop an appreciation for all types of music.

Frenkel decided after she graduated high school to pursue a career as an artist. Frenkel was accepted into a prestigious music college and studied music composition, production, and performance for the next several years. She also continued to pursue her passion in theater by working as an actor and musician on several local productions.

Frenkel worked hard and was dedicated to her role as Frenkel in her Broadway debut. With her performances, Frenkel won over critics and audiences alike. She quickly rose to prominence in the industry.

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