Who is Constance Marten Family: Why Constance Ran Away From Home?

Constance Marten Family Constance is a wealthy landowner and has been the talk in town lately. So, Who Is Constance Marten Familie has become a popular question. Constance Marten fled with Mark Gordon on January 5th after their car caught on fire. Find out more about the Constance Marten family.

Who is Constance Marten’s Family?

After Marten and her lover were found in Brighton, Constance Marten, an aristocrat, and their child, the search for Marten turned unexpectedly. Constance is from a wealthy family of landowners. Mary Anna Marten, Constance’s grandmother, was the Queen Mother’s goddaughter. She is also a trustee at the British Museum.

She was born on September 12, 1929 and joined the Buckingham Palace Brownies Unit, along with Princess Margaret. After her father, Baron Alington died in 1940 in active service with the RAF, Mary Anna inherited the Crichel Estate in Dorset.

Mary was a pioneer in legal history through the Crichel Down case. This saw Mary reclaim her family home after it was purchased by the government in 1938 for bomb training. She died at 80 in January 2010.

Constance Martin’s Parents:

Constance Marten’s father, Napier Marten was born March 28, 1959 as the son George and Mary Marten. He attended Eton and had five siblings. Napier was Queen’s Page and the heir to the Crichel Estate, Dorset, as well as the family’s PS115million fortune. To live in Australia, he sold his fortune. He married Virginie Camu in 1986. Constance was born one year later. Constance, who was nine years old, was abandoned by her family. Napier and Virginie have gotten divorced. Virginie Charlotte Camu married Napier in 1986 after being born on September 14, 1959.

Constance Martin Brothers

Maximilian is Constance’s younger brother. He married Ruth Aymer, a jewellery designer, at York House in Richmond in August 2021. Max is a green realtor. His brother, Freddie, was there for his wedding. Tobias is the youngest of Napier’s and Virginie’s children. His father was his last job.

Constance Marten ran away from home.

Constance Marten fled with Mark Gordon on 5 January, after their car caught on fire on the highway. This is the car that sparked the initial search to find the couple and their newborn child. They had been on the loose for almost two months and were finally caught on Monday night. They were arrested in Brighton by Sussex police after someone saw them. Initial arrests were made on suspicion of child neglect. They could now be charged with manslaughter after the remains of the baby were found.

Constance Marten And Mark Gordon Story

Constance Marten, her boyfriend Mark Gordon, and she had been on the run since January. They were finally captured on February 27, 2023. After finding ‘baby remains’ close to the scene where they were found earlier this week, police arrested Constance Marten and Mark Gordon on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter.

Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford, “This afternoon, officers searched a wooded area near where Mark Gordon and Constance were arrested. They discovered the remains of a child.”

“A post mortem examination is planned.” The crime scene has been established and work is ongoing at the site.

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