Who Is Dave Hollis Dating: Dave Hollis’ Girlfriend?

Who is Dave Hollis dating Dave Hollis? Dave Hollis, an author and former president of Theatrical Distribution at The Walt Disney Studios, is a father to two. His work in personal growth is well-known. He has written books like Get Out of Your Own Way, Built Through Courage and others. Many of his fans want to learn more about Who Is Dave Hollis dating. Let’s take a look at the article Who is Dave Hollis dating.

Who is Dave Hollis dating?

Dave Hollis, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur, is passionate about helping people overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. Perhaps his most notable accomplishment is as the CEO of The Hollis Company, which is a lifestyle and media brand. Dave spent more than 17 years working for Disney before joining the Hollis company. He helped to launch Disney Digital Network (the first online media network). He was also the Head of Distribution at The Walt Disney Studios.

This position saw him oversee the distribution of films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Marvel’s Avengers around the world. Dave left Disney in 2018 to work for the Hollis Company. There, he is dedicated to improving people’s lives through podcasts, books, events, and other resources. His books include Built Through Courage, his latest book, and he is also the author of many others. Dave Hollis and Heidi Powell, who are both authors and co-hosts of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC.

Who is Dave Hollis’ Girlfriend?

Heidi Powell is Dave Hollis’ girlfriend. Dave is a social media influencer with more than 300,000. His platform allows him to share his experiences and offer advice about topics such as personal growth, relationships and entrepreneurship. Dave is a highly sought-after speaker who has given keynote addresses at conferences such as the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW), and the National Speakers Association Convention (NSA). His engaging, relatable style and ability to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives is what makes him so popular. Dave’s books and podcasts are translated into many languages. His work resonates with people all over the globe. He is passionate about helping people overcome fears and limit beliefs in order to reach their full potential.

He is also committed to making an impact on the world. Heidi Powell is a well-known author, fitness expert and TV personality. She is most known for her inspiring weight loss journey and work in the industry. Her unique approach to fitness has enabled her to help many people achieve their fitness and health goals. She has dedicated her entire life to helping others. Heidi was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on March 28, 1982. Her father was a coach and her family were athletes. She was passionate about fitness and sports from a young age. She competed in cheerleading and gymnastics throughout her childhood and teen years. Heidi became interested in fitness and decided to become a personal trainer. She worked with people of all fitness levels and ages. Her own struggles with weight and body image prompted her to pursue her training to the next level.

Timeline of the Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis Relationship

Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis are well-known in the worlds of personal development and exercise. Dave Hollis, an author and speaker, is also an entrepreneur. Heidi Powell, a personal trainer, and transformation specialist, is the other. They have been together for many years and have shared their experiences with their followers and fans. Here is a look at Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis’ relationship timeline.

  1. Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis first met each other in 2012 while they were attending a conference. They got to know each other quickly and struck up a conversation. Dave was working at The Walt Disney Company and Heidi was a well-known trainer in the fitness field.
  2. After a year of being together, Dave and Heidi were married in 2014. The wedding was beautiful with close friends and family. They have shared photos and other memories on social media.
  3. Dave and Heidi welcomed Cash in 2015, their first child. The happy couple shared their joy via social media, and since then have shared many photos and stories of their adventures together.
  4. Heidi and Dave started The Hollis Company in 2017 together. The company provides courses, events, as well as other resources that can help people achieve their goals. Since then, the couple is well-respected in the self-development and personal growth space.
  5. After 15 years together and 10 years of marriage, Dave and Heidi announced their separation in 2019. The couple shared their news via social media, highlighting that they loved and respected one another but had grown apart.
  6. Dave and Heidi ended their divorce in 2020. They shared their news again on social media, stating that they had worked hard to coparent their children and maintain positive relationships despite their separation.
  7. Dave and Heidi still co-parent their children, despite their divorce. They also work together at The Hollis Company. They have shared their experiences of co-parenting via social media, and stressed the importance of putting their kids first.

What happened to Heidi Powell and Dave Hollis?

Heidi Powell, a well-known trainer and personality, has spoken out after the sudden death her partner Dave Hollis. Hollis, a lifestyle author, and influencer, died at home on Saturday, February 11, at 47. Although the cause of his death is not known, Hollis’ family released a statement to Variety saying that he had been admitted for heart issues.

Powell was in a long-distance, on-again-off–again relationship with Hollis from 2020. He remained his business partner at their Get Fit online community. She took to social media Tuesday night to share her sorrow over her partner’s passing.

Powell posted an emotional message with a photo of Powell, and wrote: “This isn’t how it was supposed to end.” We had different ideas about how our story would end when we shared this photo two years ago today. It wasn’t like this.

Powell expressed her grief, saying, “I’m devastated and heartbroken.” I’m sick. You are missed so much by my children. Our world has been rocked. It will never be the exact same. Without your love, I don’t know how to move forward. This is the best gift of love I have ever received. This is a love unlike any other. This is unbelievable.

Powell continued his statement by saying, “I don’t know the right word.” Too many. Too many thoughts, emotions, and feelings. So much sadness. For your kids. Your family. My kids. Me. You. Dave, you loved me so deeply. Your children and your family were so loved by you. Your heart was too big to be shared with the world… I was the one who was able to experience the infinite love and magnitude of yours. It will always be one of the greatest gifts of my life to be the recipient so much of your love.”

Hollis was a respected figure in the publishing world. He served as President of Sales at Walt Disney Studios, and later as Chief Operating Officer at Hollis Company. Hollis co-founded the Hollis Company with Rachel Hollis, the best-selling author. His most recent book, “Get out of Your Own Way: a Skeptic’s Guide for Growth and Fulfillment,” was released in March 2020.

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