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Who is Lavon Lewis, you ask?

Lavon Lewis, a veteran professional with extensive experience in marketing and branding, is Lavon. He is the founder, president and creative director for Branding and Marketing. His involvement spans the entire branding process, from conception to execution. His book Today is a Great Day to Create a WOW Image is one of Lewis’s most recent contributions to the business world. This book provides valuable insights and tips for both aspiring and established professionals in the field.

Lewis was also the creative director for Panasonic North America and brand consultant between August 2017 and February 2015. His experience in marketing and branding isn’t limited to the consumer market. His experience in B2B projects has been extensive. He provides consulting and design services to clients for logo design, site design, kiosk design and presentation design. Lewis’s ability to design compelling branding strategies that appeal to business audiences and drive results has been demonstrated in these projects.

Lavon Lewis Biography

His success as a creative director, author and editor is testament to his talent. Lavon Lewis was a long-time creative director before he embarked on his television journey. Lewis has published a book entitled “Today is A Great Day for a WOW Image!”. Through his many business ventures, he has amassed a net value of $1 million. Below is a summary of his life.

NameLavon Lewis
Date of birthN/A
Age42 years old
Marital StatusEngaged
Name of your girlfriendEvelyn Lozada

Lavon Lewis Age

Lavon Lewis, founder and president, Branding and Marketing, was 42 years old as of 2023. His work has received significant recognition and he was named one of Atlanta’s top 25 emerging professionals. Lewis has won more than 50 professional marketing awards throughout his career. This is a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication. He has a bachelor’s degree at Alabama Rural and Mechanical College in graphic design and a master’s from the College of North Alabama.

His many awards and honors show his dedication to excellence and ability to stand out among highly competitive industries. Lewis is an Atlanta rising professional and has been a valuable asset to the branding and marketing industry. His continued success is testament to his hard work and talent.

Lavon Lewis Girlfriend and Family

Lavon Lewis is a public figure that values privacy. This is in contrast to celebrities who share every detail of their lives with the media. Because of this, very little information is available about his family. Lewis is active on social media sites such as Instagram where he occasionally shares information about his son’s March 2 birthday. Recent headlines were made when Lewis proposed to Evelyn Lozada (reality TV actress), who he met through the Will Packer-produced Sovereigns Court. Their engagement was made public by Lewis and Lozada in December 2022. Lewis was there for Lozada at the Atlanta premiere.

In addition to his personal life, Lewis is also a successful entrepreneur with Interface Marking and Marketing. According to ZoomInfo, his annual income is $18 million. The company’s focus is on creating branding strategies that make clients stand out in their markets. Although there is not much information about Lewis’ family, the engagement of Lozada and Lewis has attracted significant media attention. Lewis is very protective of his privacy and will share any additional details about his private life here.

Where is Lavon Lewis now?

Lavon Lewis, a well-known person, currently resides in Atlanta in Georgia. His LinkedIn profile shows that he is multi-talented and has been the host of over 500 seminars, conferences and workshops. This makes him one of the most sought after public speakers. His LinkedIn profile shows that Lewis has worked for high-profile brands like Emmy, Amazon and Panasonic. Lewis, despite his professional achievements, is a rising entrepreneur who balances his personal and professional life.

Lewis’s ability maintain a healthy work/life balance is admirable. It is often hard for entrepreneurs to successfully balance their personal and professional lives. His success is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to achieve their professional and personal goals. Lavon Lewis has a wide range of talents and has been a successful professional. He continues to inspire others as a speaker and entrepreneur. His determination and resilience in achieving a healthy balance between work and family is an example of his strength, which makes him a role model to many.

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