Who is Nick Jonas Ex Girlfriend: Get The List Of Ex Girlfriends?

Nick Jonas is a well-known singer, actor, and songwriter. Many of his fans are involved with the search for Nick Jonas’s ex-girlfriend. Read the entire article to learn more about Nick Jonas and his relationship history.

Nick Jonas: Who are you?

Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born September 16, 1992. He is an actor, singer and songwriter from the United States. He began his career on Broadway at the age of seven and released his first single in 2002 to gain the attention of Columbia Records. He formed the Jonas Brothers with his brothers Joe and Kevin. Their first studio album, It’s About Time, was published by Columbia Records in 2006. They later moved to Hollywood Records, and in 2007 released their second studio album. This was their breakthrough record. The Jonas Brothers were a hit on Disney Channel thanks to their roles in TV movies like Camp Rock (2008) and Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam (2010). They also created their own series including Jonas Brothers (2009-2010) and Jonas Brothers (2008-2010).

Nick Jonas ex-girlfriend?

Before he married Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood actress, Nick Jonas was an American singer, songwriter and actor. His previous relationship with Olivia Culpo (actress and model), lasted nearly two years before ending. After this, Nick briefly had a relationship with Priyanka.

Nick Jonas Girlfriend?

Their first meeting was in February 2017. They began dating in May 2018 and were engaged in July 2018. The couple then tied the knot on December 1, 2018, after which they continued to date. The couple had their first child in January 2022. It was a surrogate daughter named Malti Marie.

Timeline of Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo’s Relationship

Olivia Culpo is a big success since she won the Miss Universe pageant 2012 and a two-year relationship in 2013 with Nick Jonas. Culpo and Nick split in 2015. Culpo has not spoken about their relationship since then. She shared details on her new reality television show, “The Culpo Sisters,” where she follows Olivia’s life with her sisters.

Culpo was questioned about her relationship with Jonas in the first episode. It was a transformative experience for her. She shared that she moved to LA with Jonas and fell in love. However, they split up leaving her without a sense or identity. She recalls feeling lost, and trying to make ends meets.

Both Jonas and Culpo have now moved on to new chapters in their lives. Jonas was married to actress Priyanka Chpra in 2018. They welcomed their first child in 2022. Culpo is a San Francisco 49ers runningback Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend. They have been happily married for three years.

Nick Jonas Dating History

Nick Jonas has been in many high-profile relationships throughout his life, including his first love Miley Cry and his current marriage to Priyanka Chopra. Here are some of his most memorable relationships:

Miley Crus:

Miley and Nick began dating when Nick was 13 years old. They dated for approximately a year, before breaking up at the end 2007. They remained close friends, and they even collaborated in a 2009 duet called “Before The Storm”.

Selena Gomez:

After splitting from Miley, Nick began to date fellow Disney star Selena Gomez. They dated for many years, before finally ending their relationship in 2010. Selena, in a 2016 interview with W Magazine revealed that she and Miley never had any bad blood despite rumors of a relationship.

Delta Goodrem:

After a brief relationship, Nick and Delta Goodrem parted ways in 2012. In 2017, they briefly reconnected for a night with friends but there was no sign of a rekindled relationship.

Olivia Culpo

Nick was in a long-lasting relationship with Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe. They began dating in 2013, but split in 2015. Nick wrote the hit song “Jealous” and Olivia was even featured in the music video.

Kendall Jenner

Rumours circulated in 2015 that Nick was dating Kendall Jenner, a model who had been set up by Gigi Hadid, a mutual friend. Nick dismissed the rumors and said they were just hanging out together as a group.

Kate Hudson :

In 2015, Nick was briefly associated with Kate Hudson. According to Nick, the two had a “beautiful relationship,” but he refused to comment on whether they had had sex.

Lily Collins

According to reports, Nick was dating actress Lily Collins early in 2016, but their relationship was brief.

Georgia Fowler

In late 2017, Nick briefly dated model Georgia Fowler, but their relationship ended.

Priyanka Chopra:

Nick started dating actress Priyanka Chopra May 2018, and she proposed to him two months later. They tied the knot in two extravagant ceremonies at the end and had their first child by surrogate in January 2022.

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