Who Is Rabiya Mateo Ex Boyfriend: Read Here!

Rabiya Mato Ex Boyfriend Rabiya Mateo was a beauty queen from the Philippines who competed in Miss Universe 2020 in Florida. People are excited to find out who Rabiya Mateo is. We will be discussing in detail who Rabiya Mateo ex boyfriend is, her dating history, and who Rabiya Mato is currently dating.

Who is Rabiya Mateo’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Rabiya Mateo, a beauty queen from the Philippines, was selected to represent the country in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant in Florida. She was in a long-term relationship before she participated in the pageant.

News reports claimed that the couple had split in May 2021. Although Rabiya did not confirm the news, Neil finally confirmed it in an interview with a Filipino news station in June 2021. Neil said that their breakup was due to their hectic schedules and the difficulties of keeping a long-distance relationship. He also said that no third party was involved in the breakup.

Neil’s admission ended all speculation about Rabiya and her relationship status. Rabiya has not spoken out about the split. She has instead focused on her career, as a beauty queen, and on supporting different causes, such as education and mental health awareness.

It is important to remember that private lives of people, and even their relationships, are private. Although news stories about public figures might be interesting to some, it is important that they are kept private and that no unsubstantiated rumors or speculations are made.

Is Rabiya Mateo in a Relationship Right Now?

Rabiya Mateo was a former beauty queen that represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2020 pageant. She posted a photo to her Instagram account on March 16, 2022, which confirmed their relationship. They shared photos and videos from their trip to Bohol where they were able to enjoy the stunning scenery and each others company.

Rabiya posted selfies of Jeric and herself, along with a video of Jeric giving Rabiya a piggyback ride. In the comments section, the couple exchanged sweet and romantic messages. Jeric called Rabiya “forever”, and Rabiya replied with heart and kiss emoticons.

After weeks of speculation, the confirmation of their relationship was made after they were spotted together in public. They had also been exchanging flirty messages via social media. In Rabiya’s comments, fans expressed support for the couple and excitement about their relationship.

Rabiya is well-known for her advocacy work and beauty queen title, while Jeric is an actor and singer from the Philippines. Although they have not yet commented on their relationship, their fans are anxiously waiting for any news on their romance.

Rabiya Mateo Dating History

According to public information, Rabiya Mateo only confirmed one romantic relationship with Neil Salvacion, her ex-boyfriend. They had been together for many years, but ended up breaking up in 2021 because of their busy schedules and the difficulties associated with long-distance relationships.

In an Instagram post in March 2022 Rabiya announced her relationship with Jeric Gonzales, Kapuso artist, through a photo. Rabiya was the first to publicly confirm a relationship with Jeric Gonzales since her split from Neil Salvacion.

There is no information public about Rabiya’s other romantic relationships. People’s private lives, including dating histories, should be respected. Rabiya has the right to decide what information she wants to share about her personal life with the public.

Rabiya Mateo Instagram

Rabiya Mateo, her Instagram username is @rabiyamateo. Her followers number around 2.2million. Instagram is home to photos and videos that show her life. These include her advocacy work and behind-the scenes glimpses of beauty pageant travels, as well as personal moments with her family and friends. She posted a recent picture of her with Fast Talk host, when she was on that show. Click the link below to view her Instagram account.

Rabiya Mateo Age

Rabiya Mateo, a Filipina beauty queen, model and host, actress, and entrepreneur, was born November 14, 1996. As of 2023, she is 26 years old. She rose to fame in 2020 after she was crowned Miss Universe Philippines. This title was won during a global pandemic. Rabiya was Miss Universe Philippines 2020. She represented her country at Miss Universe 2020 in Florida. Although she didn’t win the crown, she made it to the top 21 semifinalists. She impressed judges and viewers with her intelligence and beauty.

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