Who Leaked Ferne Voice Notes: Who Leaked Ferne Voice Notes?

Ferne Alice McCann, an English presenter and model, is a television personality. This article contains information about who leaked Ferne’s voice recordings.

Who leaked Ferne Voice Notes to the Internet?

Ferne McCann, who appeared on Wednesday’s This Morning, became emotional when she spoke out about the voice notes scandal that she was involved with. Ferne McCann, 32, is currently pregnant with her first child and expecting her second. She revealed that it was her lowest moment and she has been seeking therapy ever since. In November 2022, an unknown Instagram account named Lady Whistledown, referring to Bridgerton’s secret gossip sharer, published a series voice messages that were allegedly from Ferne. She claimed that the recordings were made six-years ago, during a vulnerable time in her life, and that she has changed.

What did Ferne Mccann say in Voice Note?

Lady Whistledown, an anonymous Instagram account, shared voice messages in November 2022. She claimed that they belonged Ferne. Ferne made derogatory remarks about Sam and Billie in the first recording. She called Sam “fat” as well as using offensive language. Ferne was allegedly more offensive in the second voice message, describing Sam’s narcissism and using more offensive language. Ferne also criticised Sam for copying work of others. Later, the account leaked another voice recording in which Ferne mocked Sophie Hall who was a victim to an acid attack. She called her “ugly” as well as using harsh words. These recordings are often considered offensive and inappropriate, and have caused much outrage.

What has Ferne McCann said about Voice Notes?

Ferne, who was upset by the leak of voice notes, appeared on This Morning on March 15, 2023. Ferne became emotional when she publicly apologized for the hurtful language she used and the effect it had on the people who were affected. Ferne said that she had spoken to the people involved and admitted the difficulties of the situation. Ferne also said that she could not share all the details because it is still under criminal investigation. Ferne talked about her vulnerability at the time that recordings were made. She also stressed that she has been seeking therapy and working on her own for six years. Ferne expressed gratitude to First Time Mum for providing a lifeline during difficult times in her life. Ferne shared with us that the scandal had a profound impact on her and her family, as well as her agent and her family. Ferne felt guilty for this.

Ferne McCann is who?

Ferne Alice McCann was born August 6, 1990. She is an English presenter, model, and television personality. From the ninth to the 18th series of The Only Way Is Essex, she rose to fame. She also appeared in the fifteenth season of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! She finished third. She joined This Morning in 2016 as a regular reporter for showbiz. She has been the star of Ferne McCann: The First Time Mum, an ITVBe reality show.

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