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Xamroblox .Com

You can read exclusive reviews about Xamroblox.com that you won’t find anywhere else to learn about its features, offerings and reviews as well as its authenticity.

Roblox players in Vietnam love Xamroblox.com. However, it is not very popular. Roblox users love it for its exclusive retail outlet deals, and the chance to win prizes for investing a specific amount.

Did you know that Robux can also be earned in prizes Did you know you could get 20% more on your initial investment? Let’s look at all the details about Xamroblox.com.

About Xamroblox.com

Xamroblox.com provides Robux. It offers VIP and special membership levels as well as a referral program. There are four promotions for VIP members and special members.

Members get a 20%+ increase in direct deposits and a 25% additional on ATM deposits. Xamroblox Robux can be purchased with a smaller investment.

Top depositors can be auto-enrolled to win prizes. The top depositor will receive 10K Robux. The current highest amount of deposits is VND 2,610,000.

XamRoblox.Com Shop Features:

Xamroblox.com, a one-month-old website registered in Australia on December 15, 2022 is eight days old. It has a very short life expectancy, as it expires after ten months and 22 days.

Xamroblox.com didn’t mention terms of use, privacy, cookie policies, customer contact information, identity or contact of its owners. Privacy Protection Service INC charges a fee to remove the owner’s name.

Xamroblox.com does not have a blacklist. Xamroblox uses a valid HTTPS Protocol. Its IP has a low Domain Validity-SSL issued By Let’s Encrypt. This certificate is valid for the next 89 Days. Xamroblox.com received a poor Domain Authority(DA), score of 1/100.

Xamroblox uses ISP VIETNIX Technology to provide services via three servers (ns1.inet.vn), ns2.inet.vn or ns3.inet.vn for Vietnam.


  • TOP 1: 10,000 Robux + MOCHI ETC.
  • TOP 2: 8,000 Robux
  • TOP 3: 5,000 Robux
  • TOP 4: 3,000 Robux
  • TOP 5: 1,000 Robux
  • Refer 10 friends to our special referral program
  • Deposit over 1tr get: 1000 Robux

Specials at Xamroblox:

  • Cheap 120H Robux
  • Buy cheap game passes
  • MOCHI cheap price in 24-hrs
  • VIP combo game passes account
  • VIP MOCHI + YORU account
  • Xamroblox.com VIP Tribe V4 account
  • Blox Fruits account – New Year’s special accessories
  • Account type 1 and 2 Random accessories Blox Fruits

Promotions at Xamroblox

  • 30% off all YES YORU Brands
  • To get 120k, 20% bonus on your 100k deposit
  • 25% ATM/MOMO top-up on deposits of 100k to obtain 125k

Customer reviews:

On the internet, and on customer review websites, there were no customer reviews. YouTube channel @Xamroblox has more likes than 1.2K, and #xamrobloxTikTok has more that 15 million views.


Xamroblox.com was given a terrible 2% trust rating, 38.9% business and zero Alexa score. It scored 37% for suspicion, 50% in threat, 50% in phishing, 50% in spam, and 4 percent on malware profiles. Xamroblox.com is a suspicious and high-risk website. It’s not safe for payment data, PII or devices. Therefore, it is doubtful if top payments on Xamroblox were genuine (or included in the Xamroblox team’s list).

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